The Refugees’ Jihad

Posted in Politics on September 25th, 2015

In the early years of the 13th Century Europe had what is generally known as The Children’s Crusade. Now, almost exactly eight centuries later, the Muslim are returning the “favor” with their Refugees’ Jihad and Europe – and America if Obama and some Democrats are allowed their way – are or will be on the receiving end.

Refugee's Jihad
The Refugees’ Jihad

The Liberals, Progressives, and their ever-dutiful Lamestream Media may call this a “humanitarian crisis” but it has all the earmarks of an invasion. Oh, not a planned out invasion in any way – just a mass migration of people, mostly males, who want to profit off the West while never assimilating – perhaps not even being capable of doing so – into its various nations and cultures.

Now, despite the oft-cited beliefs of many people – both my detractors and otherwise, I’m not completely heartless. I think both Europe and America should serious consider taking in the women and children fleeing Syria. The males, however, should be sent right back to warzone and told to fight and/or die because no human has any use for males who won’t do so.

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Skilled Syrian Refugees

Posted in Politics on September 24th, 2015

The Obama Regime has demanded that America open its doors to- and pay for 10,000 Syrian “refugees” despie warnings from its own Department of Homeland Security that US intelligence community and federal law enforcement agencies do not have the intelligence needed to vet individuals from the conflict zone.

Skilled Syrian Refugees
Skilled Syrian Refugees

Not to be outdone by Obama’s love for Muslims, some Democrats want to expand that number of Syrian “refugees” to 100,000 – ten times the number of potentially “skilled” Syrian Muslims that Obama wants to import.

And do please remember that these unvetted or insufficiently vetted “refugees” would be be placed in refugee camps inside America. No, they will be “resettled” in apartments and houses in communities, both large and small, all across the US by 11 national Voluntary Agencies (VOLAGS) which the federal governments contracts to do so.

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Liberals’ Childish Angst

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on August 27th, 2015

Liberal Choices of AngstLiberals’ Childish Angst

And the greatest irony is the Liberals and Progressives – ever so fond of infanticide aka abortion – seem to feel, judging by the vitriolic rhetoric, that the underlying issue with the term, “Anchor Babies” is that it dehumanizes the results of the illegal aliens’ gestational tourism.

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