School House Rap

Posted in Humor, Politics on December 1st, 2014

OK, to start with, there’s no rap in this video. I used “Rap” in this post’s title solely because rap is a unique Black corruption of music, which plays well with Obama’s unique corruption of the office of President. ;-)

That being said, this video of Saturday Night Live’s mockery of Obama’s executive orders and how they are designed to overturn the law as enacted by Congress is hilarious.

SNL’s School House Rock Mocks Obama’s Executive Thuggery

SNL’s bit of sketch comedy aptly mocks and lampoon’s the boy’s overreach, would-be tyranny, and general thuggery as it pertains to immigration and Obama’s disregard for both the law and the constitutionally mandated limits on executive power. Rarely has SNL delivered such a well-deserved bit of disrespect for the man holding the office of POTUS.

Making Law Under The Obama Regime
Making Law Under The Obama Regime

The thing is that Obama has never much concerned himself with the law. Frankly, the boy seems to hold the law in contempt, enforcing it or not as he sees fit and changing said laws via executive fiat whenever he so chooses to.

This makes Obama worthy of mockery, disrespect, despite, and disdain…at a bare bones minimum that represents more truly Americans’ tolerance and tendency to give the hand-out of excuses to America’s First Black President than anything else.

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Ambivalent Thanksgiving

Posted in Politics on November 24th, 2014

Gary Varvel's sadly controversial cartoon
Danos Un Poco de Pavo, Gringo!

The only worse than unwanted guests for Thanksgiving dinner is uninvited unwanted guests. It’s even worse when those “guests” don’t seem to have the capacity for giving thanks for what they receive.

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Motivating Immigrants

Posted in Humor, Politics on November 21st, 2014

Really, the only thing that grossly erroneous about this (de)motivational poster is that I’ve rarely heard of a modern Democrat who can reference the Founding Fathers without spitting. Aside from that, it sums up the Democrats views of immigration, anchor babies, and amnesty quite well…at least where poor, uneducated Brown illegal aliens are concerned.


Anchoring The Democrats’ Future
(Click to Enlarge)

Now, please don’t get me wrong; I’m not 100% against immigration or even anchor babies. I just think that it should involve discernment instead of blanket amnesty and that the anchor babies should be conceived here in the US. ;-)

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