Remedial ESL

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on April 7th, 2014

Immigration Truth
Remedial ESL For Illegals & Their Accomplices

Yeah, this is probably useless. The majority of the illegal aliens can barely read their own language, much less English and, even among the minority which can, they’d reject the message and logic because they just don’t care. They somehow feel entitled to sneak into America for their own, often far less than legal or savory, purposes.

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Sarah Outs Herself

Posted in Religion, Society on March 23rd, 2014

Sarah HarvardSarah “Harvard” – not her real surname, instead one her sire changed it to after the Muslim attacks of 9/11 – is a Muslim who was born within America’s borders. From the age of eight she largely hid this fact. Finally, either out of self-loathing as she claims or because it became profitable for her, she came out of the closet.

She decided to write an article for Salon about it.

In “Confessions of a secret Muslim,” Sarah spends most of her time ranting about the supposed bigotry and “Islamophobia” of Americans after the heinous attacks by her coreligionists.

Right near the end of her screed, when she’s describing her friends reactions to her finally coming clean about being Muslim is where Sarah really outs herself and Islam though.

One raised his eyebrows in a way that expressed his silent disapproval. Another said, “It’s OK. You assimilate, so you’re a cool Muslim,” as if the millions of other Muslims in the world aren’t “cool,” because they choose to remain faithful to their religion.

Finally, after 12 years of incessant lying, Sarah spoke the truth. Muslims cannot be a true part of Western, most especially American, society and culture while still being faithful to Islam. She unknowingly put the lie to the idea of the American Muslim in any context other than legalistic.

Simply put, America and Islam cannot coexist except through the same sort of segregation and isolation as the ultra-orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities chose to employ within our borders.

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God Bless Elections

Posted in 2014 Election, Politics, Religion on March 7th, 2014

“God Bless Elections!” is exactly what the Romeike family should be proclaiming unto the Heavens because it was solely the fact that the Obama Regime fears the upcoming midterm elections that has allowed the stay in America.

Romeike Family - Christian refugees from Germany
The Happy Romeike Family

The Romeikes are devout Christians from Germany who wanted to homeschool their children because of what they perceived as the secularist agenda in German public schools. This is illegal is Germany and the parents faced both persecution and possible prosecution by the German authorities.

In 2008, after enduring two years of ever-increasing persecution and threats by the German government, they fled to America where they applied for asylum after settling in Tennessee. In 2010 Immigration Judge Lawrence O. Burman granted this request for asylum. This should have been the happy end of it. It wasn’t.

Obama’s and Holders’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) almost immediately appealed Judge Burman’s decision and got their appeal on docket of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in California, who were quick to over the immigration judges grant of asylum to the Romeike family.

Finally, in 2014 the US Supreme Court refused to hear Romeiki’s further appeal. Legally this doomed the family to deportation and the likely destruction of their family as a unit upon their return to Germany. In theory this should have been the sad end of it. It wasn’t.

The whole case made the national news and the public outcry over the Obama Regime’s behavior was fairly intense – to intense for Obama and other Democrats in a midterm election year, especially one where they’re weakened by the failure of ObamaCare and the retirement of many of the politicians. Hence, they granted the Romeike family “indefinite deferred status,” which will allow them to stay in the US.

God Bless Elections!

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