Slutty Girls, Honestly

Slutty Girls Are Like Walmart
Slutty Girls Are Like Walmart

Slutty girls – honestly, we need to stop making fun of them. It’s not like we really care if they got body counts bigger than Temujin; at least not at 4AM during a drunken booty call. 😉 So, we should care at 4PM either.

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To Obamacize

Americans have always had a great deal of respect and admiration for the plain-spoken man. Unsurprisingly, Obama has always rejected such clear, frank, and honest speech in favor of “nuance.”

To Obamacize
To Obamacize…

Yep! There’s being well-spoken, “with no Negro dialect” and then there’s what Obama does whenever he speaks in public.

The roots of Obamacizing could be overcompensation for choosing to be Black. More likely though, it’s just the boy’s way of trying to both feed his narcissism by making himself sound superior to whoever he speaking at and to always give himself “an out” if called upon any of his lies.

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Marketing Honesty

There’s a dearth of honesty in marketing and, hence, the idea of marketing honesty itself is beyond the pale, too shocking to be considered by advertising firms or the corporations that hire them. That was until now…

Revlon's “You Are What You Are” campaignThis Is You…Weak, Scared, Alone, Always

Revlon (REV), one of the oldest and largest cosmetics firms in America, has chosen to change things up and try marketing honesty…brutal honesty.

The company’s “You Are What You Are” campaign, which debuted with dark and haunting multi-page spreads in several major fashion magazines, cautions consumers that, at best, makeup is a sad disguise people hide behind in a futile attempt to avoid uncomfortable facts about their true nature.

With our new ad campaign, we want to emphasize that you can buy all the lotions, powders, and fragrances you want, but you can’t escape who you really are: a fragile, flawed, and ultimately insignificant being who is tormented by fear and insecurity. It’s fine to use our products if they make you feel a little more attractive, but just remember it’s only a temporary distraction from the terrifying reality of your barren, unfulfilling life.

Your existence is a dismal and feeble one, and no amount of mascara is ever going to change that.

— Vivian Falk
Vice President of Marketing

Revlon’s new “You Are What You Are” campaign is a high-dollar gamble. It’s a bold and daring move that’s sure to shake up a lot people. It’ll be successful as well because, the more they tell the women who buy their products that they’re worthless, the more those women will flock to Revlon to buy cosmetics to hide behind.

BTW – If you didn’t already know and you couldn’t guess, this is a joke, albeit a cruel one. This is an excerpt with commentary of a recent “article” in The Onion.

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Pull The Trigger

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson, who is as well known for his sexual perversions and predation as for his work, has put a new photo set of the Hollywood’s favorite train wreck, Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan Is Such A Tease

Pull The Trigger!

Let’s be honest with ourselves, if not with each other; when most of us see these pictures our first thought is, “Pull the trigger!” We might feel guilty over it – I don’t – but we do wish that Lindsay Lohan would suicide to put us out of her misery.

Frankly, it’s sad but true that it seems that the only way society can be freed from the media’s obsession with inundating us with the excruciating details of the failures of these human wreckage is for them to die. Then we just have to suffer through a few weeks of eulogizing these failures and are then left in peace.

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Honest Arguments

Honesty Bleeding Hand One should always strive to be honest in one’s arguments. Most importantly, one should be honest with their self about the nature of their arguments on any topic.

This does not, in this case, mean that one should not deceive those that they argue with. It means that one should not lie to themselves about what their underlying position on an issue in contention is.

When engage in an argument over any issue of substance one should always strive to be cognizant of what one’s aims truly are, irrespective of what tools of debate one uses upon others. This is especially true when one has a measurable chance of winning the argument and enacting or preventing change to a subject or system.

The above is not just mere philosophy or some exercise in moral rectitude; it is a matter of pragmatic necessity. If one is not honest with one’s self about what is desired, it is possible, probable even in a more complex, real world scenario, to completely win the argument and not come close to achieving the goals one actually desires.

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