A Junkie Is Dead

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her bed Saturday afternoon security guard who her record label had appointed to help look after her over the past couple of years.

This has had the completely expected but still pathetic result of inundating the media with “tributes” to Winehouse in a sort off mass hysterical eulogizing the dead twenty-seven year-old drug addict.

Amy Winehouse - Stupid Dead Junkie
Amy Winehouse – Just Another Dead Junkie, Nothing More

Amy Winehouse was a junkie. Junkies die, normally young, every day of every year. Right thinking societies that haven’t degenerated beyond recognition don’t paint them as anything other than that.

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24 Responses to “A Junkie Is Dead”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I just came from reading one of your comments on a Christian website. You happened to use the word “faggotry” in that post, which isn’t even a real word by the way. Anyway, I’m saddened that you’re not only a bigot, but are so tasteless as to post this shit.

    Shame on you.

  2. jonolan Says:

    That would depend upon your definition “a real word.” It’s long-standing idiom in the US and UK, dating back to at least the mid-1960s, and as such is at lest as “real” as much of modern conversational American English.

    But let us review my comment in it’s full form:

    Faggotry is a sin in Christianity. Since some people don’t like being reminded that they’re sinners it doesn’t surprise in the least me that 51% of the queers studied turned away from the God in favor of buggery.

    Then again, Yahweh’s a pretty tough and vicious God even with his son to leaven things.

    Would you have found “sodomy” I doubt it and I wouldn’t have used it because the Bible makes no direct proscription against heterosexual sodomy that I can remember.

    As for this post – If you want to glorify a dead junkie, fine. Don’t expect right-thinking people to do so though.

  3. Brogan Nibley Says:

    I hope your persona is contrived for the sake of shock value and you are not as filled with judgmental hatred as the character you created.

    Miss Winehouse was, by the account of many great musicians, a great musician in her own right. The fact that she succumbed to her addiction is a tragedy.

    The Amy Winehouse I knew was a kind and gentle soul, who would no doubt have found nicer things to say about you, no matter who you are.

    You claim to be a Christian.

    Demonstrate that by writing another Post. This time write what you think Jesus would have written.

    You have no reason to hate Amy Winehouse, why pretend you do?

  4. jonolan Says:

    Nope. This is me in all my glory, such as it is. If you find me full of judgmental hatred, so be it; you’re at least half right in that I do judge people insofar as the extent of my opinion of them goes.

    Winehouse was a junkie and a public one at that who made her claim to “fame” through “train-wreckognition” as opposed to whatever musical talent she have had. That she died is neither a source of tragedy nor a source of glee for me; it was just the inevitable end result of her failure.

    Frankly though, I didn’t and don’t hate her. I loath her to some extent as I loath any and all with all the opportunities in the world to correct themselves and who still don’t.

    My hate is reserved for those who eulogize her and glorify her. Society should not reward public failure because it leads too many to follow that same path of failure.

    Finally, I don’t know where you got the idea that I EVER claimed to be Christian. I’m most definitely not one, though I’ve studied the various forms of Abrahamic theology more extensively than most who ARE Christians.

  5. Brogan Nibley Says:

    Perhaps it was only more posturing but your comments about gays on Christian web-sites and your hate filled rants about Moslems led me to that belief.

    Life must be one hate filled disappointment for you. If I saw evil everywhere, I’d start to doubt my spectacles.

    That never seems to occur to you. Too bad, because the validation you find, among those who herald your hatred as insight, is inadequate recompense for a life spent in the quagmire of misery which has become your life experience.
    I am curious as to how you got that way, and I hope there is someone you can reach out to for help.

  6. jonolan Says:

    It’s wiser to be cautious about assumptions like that. If I were to engage in it I would be forced from your most recent comment to presume that you were one of the anti-Christian Godless crowd ala Dawkins’ cultists because of your “posturing.”

    You also assume that I’m miserable. Actually, you make a lot of assumptions from very little evidence.

  7. Brogan Nibley Says:

    Reveal more of yourself and eliminate conjecture.
    Put yourself out there.
    Even the addict for whom you hold such contempt had the courage to do that.
    Let us know who it really is behind the curtain that hates muslims and Gays and addicts.
    Are you fearful of getting the same treatment you anonymously shower on others?

    Tell us who you are. We know who Amy was.

  8. jonolan Says:

    If my vanity were both stronger and more in line with the average blogger, I’d take you up on that. As it stands though, I know that I’m not that interesting.

    I don’t know where you get the idea that I hate Gays though. IS it because I hate people who attempt to suborn various systems for their agendas when that agenda isn’t accepted by Americans at large? Is it because I pointed out that Christianity holds homosexual behavior as a sin and queers aren’t ever going to be comfortable in Christian church congregation?

  9. zhann Says:

    You know, Jonolan, I never really had any doubts that you were a bigot, but with that said, who isn’t? Everyone is convinced that they are right and that the rest of the world can learn from what they have to say … you are no different, nor am I, nor is the majority. Some may hold more back than you or I, but for the most part, people tend to push their views on others as doctrine more so than as opinion.

    As you well know, I disagree with a majority of your positions … Gays, Theocracy, Politics, and … well … a lot. However, you make your point well, and more often than not it is thought through. Your rantings on Obama, though … 😉

    In this case, I agree with you whole heartily. It is a tragedy that our society has made Amy out to be a victim. She was a junkie, plain and simple. Yes, I grant that she had the voice of an angel (don’t read too into that), but honestly, who didn’t see this coming? I am surprised she lived as long as she did. She should not be praised, and never should have been. Society should have labeled her as a useless junkie when everything came to light, and shouldn’t allow her kind to rise to such stardom. She sets a terrible example to everyone, not just children.

    Now, I am a large proponent of drug use and feel that banning drugs in any fashion should not be the governments responsibility. For that, we have community and more importantly family. But, when someone takes it as far as Amy has, we shouldn’t be praising her in the least, rather we should be pointing and laughing.

  10. jonolan Says:

    Well, zhann, if one goes by the definition of bigot you’re fairly close to right.

    A person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

    To a large extent, and certainly to the extent of your interaction with me, I fit that model and do so utterly without shame or apology.

    Not all viewpoint were created equal, nor were all cultures. Frankly, even those that one might argue were equal in value should not always coexist in the same areas since equality of merit does not indicate comparability.

    But, back to Winehouse – Exactly! What is being done to society by idolizing and quasi-canonizing these people is dangerous and stupid.

    You summed it up better than did actually. Thank you.

  11. Paradigm Says:

    If her fans who are now crying had not given her so much attention for taking drugs and living the rock ‘n roll myth she might have been alive today. If someone you care about takes drugs you don’t go “wow, look at you”. Now they cry to wash their hands.

  12. jonolan Says:

    It’s even worse than that, Paradigm. It’s even worse.

  13. Brogan Nibley Says:

    I met Amy when she asked me to fly a plane load of relief supplies she bought with her own money to a village in Africa. When I realized I could not get past their border patrol with a US Passport her manager arranged for me to travel on a Diplomatic “Laisez Faire” Document from another country.

    She stopped at nothing till that lifesaving load of medical and famine relief supplies were in the hands of those she called “my people”.

    Sad as you all are, you too would have been her people. That’s who Amy was.

    Now, tell me, who are you?

  14. jonolan Says:

    What you say could be true and it could be an moderately interesting fantasy construct designed to reconstruct Winehouse in a more positive light. If the latter, at least your piloting background lends credibility to it. It’s immaterial though.

    I care far more about what the media and her fans, who know nothing of your claims since, if true, it wasn’t publicized at all, is sanctifying a junkie – a junkie who had the means, motive, and opportunity to straighten out but who didn’t.

    As I said before but you refuse to hear, I don;t hate Winehouse. I hate what people are doing in the wake of her death and, like zhann, I don’t think that she should have been allowed to stay in the public eye as a celebrity once it was clear that she was a junkie.

  15. Brogan Nibley Says:

    Some years ago I attended a small party for Nelson Mandela in London when he spoke at the invitation of Investec. At that diner he warned of Righteous Hatred.

    It starts out, he reasoned by hating only that which is Evil and appears at first to be justice. Soon it evolves as the haters find Evil everywhere, to justify any petty hatred. In the final stage, warned Mandela, it becomes Evil.

    You and your friends are at stage 2. Forced to see Evil in those you wish to hate.

    You have no reason to Hate Amy or those who loved her. But because you hate you must justify your hatred by attaching her / them to Evil.

    They nor she are Evil and you should consider Mandela’s warning before you pass into the final stage.

  16. jonolan Says:

    Sure thing, Brogan. You might get farther if I actually believed you but I’ve learned to discount name droppers as liars, especially after two consecutive unverifiable anecdotes.

    Go tell your stories to the junkies; they’ll enjoy them whereas you’ve reached the point of actually boring me.

  17. Brogan Nibley Says:

    I came upon your website when searching for Reaction to the Death of my friend Amy. I thought if you knew the truth about her you would reconsider your position.

    It turns out you can’t recognize truth when you see it.

    Now you’ve labeled me a liar which, of course makes me a sinner eligible for your Righteous Hatred. That is Phase 2, Just as Mandella warned.

    You disqualify facts which don’t conform to your perverse notion of reality, so I no longer believe I can be of help to you nor Amy by further comment.

    Sincerely, Brogan

  18. Sean M. Says:

    We are all quite amused by your response to Brogan, of all people. He is the most low, key, credible chap you’ll ever meet. He posted his last comment from here this afternoon and so we were all party to his exchange with you.

    We are not amused, and shame on you for posting that photograph of Amy.

    Those of us who knew her, love her. Those who didn’t are in no position to judge her, or her adoring fans.

    Say what you want but do the right thing and find a better picture of Amy, – PLEASE! From all of us at Nibley Festival.

  19. jonolan Says:

    LOL You, if you’re not actually Brogan again, can’t seem to make up your mind whether or not you’re amused.

    Either way, it’s immaterial though; providing or denying amusement to those who laud junkies is so far from my concerns as to be moot.

    As for the photo – It stays. It perfectly sums up the train wreck that was Amy Winehouse insofar as I’m concerned.

    If you and yours feel like sanctifying a junkie, that your business but don’t expect normal, right-thinking people to agree with you. We’ve already seen the harm that this endorsement and celebration of celebrity addiction has caused in so many ways.

  20. Sean M. Says:

    Way uncool, Mr. jonolan.

    Take a minute and look at our website, nibleyfestival.co.uk. Then look at yours. Ours is a celebration and affirmation of life. Yours is a self-inflicted torment.

    Like Brogan, Amy has many friends and admirers for the work they’ve done.

    Brogan’s family goes back centuries in England AND America where a maternal ancestor signed your Declaration of Independence.

    As Brogan asked, who are you?

  21. Sean M. Says:

    Far more interesting.

  22. jonolan Says:

    Not particularly so, since it’s old and established theory – theory with a limited success rate as well. It is, however, far better than the glorification and tributes that were so endemic of the media’s attention over the last week.

    BTW – This site is not a marketing forum for your business. I will also, out of fairness, point out that I hate adding people to my spam list because it directly updates several global blacklists on the internet.

  23. fuck you Says:

    She was off drugs well before she died , get your facts straight

  24. jonolan Says:

    How cute!

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