Dominoes’ New Delivery Model

Dominoes' New Delivery Model
Dominoes’ New Delivery Model
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With so many Democrat-controlled states raising the minimum wage for fast food workers to untenable levels, many places – especially pizza places – have or are in the process of laying off workers and outsourcing deliveries to 3rd-parties. So, I’d not be surprised if this sort of full-service delivery exists some place or soon will. 😉

And hey! Democrats on both coasts have been seriously flirting with legalizing prostitution, so this isn’t out of the realm of near-to-mid term possibility of being an open offer… possibly even being on the menu. 🙄

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KFC’s Taylor Swift Special

Taylor Swift Special
KFC’s Taylor Swift Special

From what I’ve heard, seen, and read, KFC has the right of it with their new Taylor Swift Special. 😆 But hey! In these degenerate, transphilic times, we’re all – and I assume especially her string of ex-boyfriends – just glad that it and she don’t include a penis.

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McDonald's Adult Happy Meal

McDonald's Adult Happy Meal
McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal

McDonald’s Happy Meals – not just for the kiddies anymore. 😉 Oh, and by the way, while not nearly as mouthwatering as this idea, McDonald’s is, for a limited time, really making Adult Happy Meals. to the delight of us and the exhausted horror of McD’s staff.

Now, personally, I prefer the idea above. It’s about time that Happy Meals included a “golden delicious pie.” 😉

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Wendy's Goes Green

Wendy's Goes Green
Wendy’s Goes Green

It seems that Wendy’s has gone green in an effort to differentiate itself from it competitors and to pander to Liberals and Progressives. 😉

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Close Them Down!

In these times, when certain sorts are so fixated on removing what they see as racism, it’s time – past time! – to finally close down obviously racist establishments. They’re offensive!

White Castle Logo
Close Them Down! They’re Cracka Racists!

At the top of that list should be White Castle. Really! C’mon! White Castle. It’s right there in the name. It’s White; that’s racist. It’s a castle; that’s White privilege right there as there’s a long history of Blacks not having castles. And what is the centerpiece of White Castle’s menu? The hamburger – a food named after a German city, highlighting the White European conquest of America. That’s racist! Worse, hamburgers are fast food and Blacks are overrepresented in the fast food industry, meaning the likelihood of Blacks making and serving food to Whites and that’s got to be racist too.

Really! In a time like now when there are concerted efforts to eradicate the Confederate flag, desecrate Confederate graves, and tear down Confederat monuments, how can we let White Castle stay in business?

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