Dominoes’ New Delivery Model

Dominoes' New Delivery Model
Dominoes’ New Delivery Model
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With so many Democrat-controlled states raising the minimum wage for fast food workers to untenable levels, many places – especially pizza places – have or are in the process of laying off workers and outsourcing deliveries to 3rd-parties. So, I’d not be surprised if this sort of full-service delivery exists some place or soon will. 😉

And hey! Democrats on both coasts have been seriously flirting with legalizing prostitution, so this isn’t out of the realm of near-to-mid term possibility of being an open offer… possibly even being on the menu. 🙄

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Pizza Everyday!

Pizza Everyday! Gimme A Slice Of That Pie
Pizza Everyday! Gimme A Slice Of That Pie

No matter how you slice it, I’ll take some pizza every single day. And, I don’t really care whether it’s New York, Chicago, or Sicilian… or even Napoletana or Romano Tonda. Just give me a slice or two every day. 😉


Oh yeah! I’ll take some pizza every single day, in any combination of its many delicious varieties.

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Pizza, The Good & The Not

Pizza, The Good & The Not

Yeah, as longtime resident of NYC, I’m utterly and completely biased towards our pizza. But … I’m saying that Chicago style pizza is bad; I’m just saying that, tasty or not, it’s not pizza. It’s a casserole of some sort. 😛

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I’ll Always Take A Slice

I’ll Always Take A Slice Of Pizza

Oh yeah! Pizza! Both one of my favorite food and, in my opinion, one of the best foods around, being economical, “diverse,” and suitable for both sit-down dining and on-the-go scarfage. 😉

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Delivering Pizza In 2012

Business, with the possible exception of the financial sector, is difficult in America during these times. The economy is still in the tank and looks to continue to be that way for the foreseeable future, largely because of the policies and rhetoric of the current regime.

This is especially true for consumer industries that have over the years pared themselves down to the point where one brand is little different from the next…such as fast food or pizza delivery.

Pizza Delivery - The quest for brand differentiators
Pizza Delivery – Questing For Brand Differentiators

Fortunately, American businesses are innovative and adaptable. Those in competition with each other for direct consumer business are especially so and they’ve learned that ensuring consumer satisfaction is the best way to achieve a happy ending for all concerned. 😆

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