The Weather Report


The Weather Report – Hot With A Chance Of Sprinkles

With various parts of America reopening for business – against the wishes of most Democrats – the weather has, once again, become of some importance.

Well, here’s a great weather forecast!

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Spring Is Coming

Spring Is Coming
Spring Is Coming

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It’s Sweater Time

It’s Sweater Time Again

As it’s the first of October, it’s sweater time again – despite any over-hyped and disingenuous caterwauling by a certain useful-to-the-Left, Swedish, pubescent idiot.

That’s right! Winter is coming! So, it’s time for the womenfolk to be breaking out and/or buying the warm stuff that we all enjoy so much.

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An Honest Winter Forecast


An Honest Winter Forecast
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And here you all go! For once, and likely for the last time, an honest winter weather forecast by region in America. πŸ˜†

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Spring Sweaters

Spring Sweaters

I know to some this is counterintuitive – especially Southerners πŸ˜‰ – but, Spring or not, sweaters are still quite advised and are still delightfully appropriate clothing choices.

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