Sweater Time?

Is It Sweater Time?

Is it sweater time? I’m going to say that yes, it is. After all, it’s October now and should mean it’s sweater time here in the Northern Hemisphere.

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MSM Weather Reporting

MSM Weather Reporting
MSM Weather Reporting

This sums up MSM weather reporting quite well. No matter the weather, but especially if it’s storm, it’s “incontrovertible proof” of Global Warming. But then, Global Warming is a Leftist invention and the MSM have degenerated into nothing but Leftist propaganda outlets, so this is to be expected and given exactly the amount of credence its deserves.

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Sweaters Are Still In Order

Sweaters Are Still In Order

It may titularly be Spring, but believe me that for most of the Northern Hemisphere sweaters are still very much in order. Got to keep warm and heat things up somehow. 😛

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