The Sweaterkini


When The Weather Is Odd Try The Sweaterkini
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As I wrote before, it’s bikini season somewhere and due to global “demand” I did plan to continue posting Bikini Interludes throughout the Winter. Apparently, however, I seem to suffer from Seasonally Affected Eroticism (SAE) and didn’t follow through on that plan. I seem to think in terms of sweaters instead of bikinis during this season. If you want your bikini season to be perfect and have the perfect backyard for this summer check out Gecko Pest Control
they can help you clear out your house of any plagues it may have.

But out of blue I found this beautiful young babe mixing a sweater with a bikini – I’m just going with “sweaterkini” – and, hence, this cross-over post for your enjoyment.

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Bad Weather Can Be Good

Sometimes bad weather can be a good thing since it encourages you to pursue indoor recreation
Bad Weather Can Be Good

Autumn is a season with greatly variable weather in America’s Northeast. We learn to live with its unpredictability, sometimes by remembering that bad weather can be a good thing because some of the best forms of recreation are best done inside.

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In Praise Of Rainy Days

It’s quite common for people to bemoan rainy days, to think of them as days in which one’s plans are damaged or ruined and to feel depressed and out of sorts when they occur.

In Praise Of Rainy Days - Curves In The Rain
In Praise Of Rainy Days

Perhaps – no, probably – I’m a bit weird, but I like rainy days. In fact, there’s a great deal that can be said in praise of rainy days – a very great and curvy deal. 😛

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