So Not A Flat Pack

From IKEA, But So Not A Flat Pack
From IKEA, But So Not A Flat Pack

As we can see, while IKEA is famous for their flat packs, somethings IKEA don’t come in them. I, for one, am very, very glad of that. 😛

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I Love NYC Summers

I Love NYC Summers For Obvious Reasons

There’s a lot to be said against living in New York City, especially if you’re a White Male American like me. Living in an increasingly anti-White and anti-heterosexual stronghold of the Democrats presents daily problems. But I’ve got to say that I love NYC summers.

How could I not love city in which, at the first blush of Summer, women of all sorts and races cast off their bras and go out and about in various styles of thin and/or tight clothing?

And yes! I’ve adopted the NYC tradition of stoop-sitting, largely to enjoy this wonderful yearly pageant.

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It's Spring! … Nope!

It’s Spring! It’s Spring! The long, cold winter of our discontent is over… or not. It being a week past March 20th, the official – read as titular – end of Winter doesn’t seem to mean squat to Gaia. 😉

It’s Spring! … Nope! Cold And Snow Are Coming

Alas, this is how the world works. Weather is what happens while “the experts” debate and attempt to predict the climate. 😆

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If You're Cold…

If You’re Cold, They’re Cold. Let Them In!

Really, Gentlemen! It’s both simple ethics and common courtesy. If you’re cold, they’re cold. And, these beauties certainly look a bit chilled. Let them in and warm them up! Oh! And, Gentlemen, if by some happy twist of fate they’re not cold, that’s even more reason to let them in. 😉

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So, We're At That Point

We're At This Point
So, We’re At That Point 🙄
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So, we’re at that point now; the point where women are just wearing longjohns – and, of course, their state-mandated mask – to the grocery store. Ah well; we’ve got to take the good with the bad, and it’s not surprising that we’re at this point, what with COVID-19 dragging on or being drug on by the media and certain politicians.

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