Percy’s 1st Pic Of Mars

Percy's 1st Pic Of Mars
Percy’s 1st Pic Of Mars

Well, Perseverance aka Percy – our latest rover sent to Mars – has sent back its first images and we’re obviously fucked. 😆

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New Horizon Stirs Concern

That's no dwarf planetThat’s No Dwarf Planet

Nasa’s New Horizon spacecraft has reached Pluto, culminating a decade and a half of dreams and effort. The cheers and celebrations were, however, not without there being concerns raised by New Horizon’s first hi-res photos of Pluto.

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Claim The High Seat

The Great Houses are arrayed and truly they do and shall vie with one another for supremacy.

Who Shall Claim The High Seat?

But which House shall hold the highest of thrones, or will this all end with dust or snow blowing across a vast field of graves?

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