Have A Spooky NASAween

Have A Spooky NASAween

The folks over at NASA understand that Halloween should be fun and scary, or at least a bit freaky. So their Exoplanet Exploration Program Office, based at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California put together these Cosmic Frights for us. Enjoy!

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About That Black Hole Pic

About That Black Hole Pic

Yeah, about that globe-spanning collaborative effort to create a real image of a black hole… Damn algorithms!

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Outing deGrasse Tyson

You know how some sorts claim that people who have a negative attitude towards homosexuality are likely to harbor unacknowledged or repressed attraction towards the same sex? Well, the same thing seems to apply to astronomy and cosmology as well.

Outing Neil deGrasse Tyson
Well, You Know What They Say…

Now there’s a scandal that’s going to rock the halls of science. 😆 Then, so many of us already knew that the foremost Pluto hater in America, Neil deGrasse-Tyson was really on the DL.

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Claim The High Seat

The Great Houses are arrayed and truly they do and shall vie with one another for supremacy.

Who Shall Claim The High Seat?

But which House shall hold the highest of thrones, or will this all end with dust or snow blowing across a vast field of graves?

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Astronomy Is Looking Up

Nicolaus Copernicus founded science of modern astronomy in the 16th century. Since that time the science has been the abode of hoary old men and few women who preferred, or were resigned to, long lonely nights upon mountain tops. It was never known for its “hot chicks” or for much in the way of intrusion upon “pop culture.”

Fortunately, this just might be changing. 😉

Our Beautiful Solar System - Best reason ever to keep Pluto a planet
Best Reason Ever To Keep Pluto A Planet

Geek Grrls, they’re not just saving science; they’re making it hot and embedding it in both their skin and American popular culture.

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