Dreams Of Democrats

Dreams Of Democrats

Never be in doubt, especially with the Democrats currently stumping throughout America’s heartland, that the dreams of democrats are dreams of the desolation and ruination of that very heartland. Nothing would please them and their constituencies more than the utter destruction of rural America and the end of- or dispossession of its people.

Always remember and keep in the forefront of your minds that the over 60 million Americans spread out across the 90% of our nation which is rural are “disproportionately” White, Christian, and Heterosexual. In other words, you’re a disproportionately large percentage of those that Obama derided as being “Bitter Clingers” and who Hillary castigated as “Deplorables.” You’re the ones that they declaim as being Racist, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Transphobic, “Nationalist,” Fascists / Nazis.

Remember, those Democrats? Both the Politicians seeking power and money and the sorts that support them? Their dreams of your and your families’ deaths or subjugation and the annihilation of your communities, your culture, your faith, and the country that you are the heart and soul of.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Origins

In America, we’re about ready for Thanksgiving, our particular riff on the age-old harvest festival. Tomorrow the majority of us will be enjoying some variety of variants of our Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully, most of us will enjoy our feasts and the company, be it family, friends, or both, that we are surrounded by while doing so.

Thanksgiving Dinner

One thing though – Thanksgiving, despite America’s spin upon it, is still at its heart a harvest celebration. Hence, I believe that we should spare a moment or more to consider our Thanksgiving dinner’s origin. And by that I do not mean the well-known legendry of Thanksgiving or the murkier and more complex history thereof; No, I mean the origins of the delicious food upon our tables.

Spare some time this Thanksgiving to think about and be grateful for the efforts of all those “rural folk” – the farmers, ranchers, and such along with the men and women who get those crops from the farms across the land to the stores you buy it at.

Thanksgiving Dinner Origins

Yeah, it would be good and very likely pleasant to pause and consider the farm workers and such in those so easily dismissible fly-over districts, counties, and states. Instead of repeating the urbanites’ and suburanites’ mistake of considering the America’s rural population as forgettable but unforgivable, deplorable, uneducated hicks and rubes, consider that there’s a reason why they make up the heartland of America.

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Bat Dynasty?

Monster Truck Batmobile
Bat Dynasty?

A multimillionaire who’s on a crusade to save the land from itself. By night he does good works but scares many who see or hear of him. Hmmmmm…Is it Bruce Wayne or Phil Robertson?

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Lush Country

It says a lot, a none of it good, about much of the population within America that they treat rural America as almost a joke.

Lush Country
Rural America Is Lush Country

But then rural America is a lush country, fond of: enjoying and giving comforts; not afraid to show their colors; and not hung up on the urban fashion sense of anorexia.

Y’all got to understand, it’s not just our roads that’ve got curves and we like it that way. 😉

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Common Sense

Rural America is the seat of America’s lasting wisdom and common sense. Its folk are normally prudent and possessed of sound judgment, without reliance on esoteric knowledge. As such, they can normally be expected to exercise sound judgment in and all practical matters.

Salts of the Earth they are sometimes called.

Most politicians and businessmen tend to avoid Rural America for this reason. Mendacity or “flim-flam” will not work for long among the folk of Rural America. Hence, whole swaths of America’s heartland have become “Fly-Over States,” carefully ignored by politicians and businessmen. This largely suits both parties quite well.

The problems, such as they are, arise when politicians or businessmen fail to fly over the region. A case in point:

A plane crashed in the middle of rural Tennessee.

Panic stricken, the local sheriff mobilized emergency responders and descended on the farm in force. When they got there, the disaster was clear.

The crashed aircraft was totally destroyed with only a burned hulk left smoldering in a tree line that bordered a farm.

The sheriff and his men entered the smoking mess but could find no remains of anyone.

They spotted a lone farmer plowing a field not too far away as if nothing had happened.

They hurried over to the man’s tractor.

“Hank!” the sheriff yelled, panting and out of breath. “Did you see this terrible accident happen?”.

“Yep. Sure ‘nuf did.” the farmer mumbled unconcernedly, cutting off the tractor’s engine.

“Do you realize that is Air Force One, the airplane of the President of the United States?”

“Yep. I surely do.”

“Were there any survivors?”

“Nope. They’s all kilt straight out,” the farmer answered. “I done buried them all myself. Took me most of the morning..”

“President Obama is dead?” the sheriff shouted.

“Well,” the farmer grumbled, restarting his tractor. “He kept a-saying he wasn’t… But you know how bad that sumbitch lies.”

Common sense as exemplified by the Tennessee farmer above has been the downfall of many a confidence trickster and their less honest kin, politicians over the years.

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