So, Citi Bike

I’ve always been against Citi Bike, at least in NYC. To me, it just seemed to be yet another part of Mayor Bloomberg’s hate for- and attack upon drivers. Yet, it wouldn’t have taken that much to change my opinion.

Citi Bike
So, Citi Bike

Truly! It wouldn’t have taken much thought on the part of some marketing firm to come up with ways to get me and a lot of others to have a more positive attitude towards Citi Bike’s bike rental program. 😉

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Riding The Subway

Subway Map Bodypainting
Never Get Lost On The Subway Again

New York City’s Metro Transit Authority (MTA) really needs to consider contracting Athena Zhe to provide subway maps such as this one for the city’s busier subway stations.

Every day we have thousands of tourists getting lost on the subways and “interactive” maps of this caliber would be a beautiful blessing. 😉

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Travel In Groups

According to De Lijn, a public transportation firm in northern Belgium, it can be dangerous to travel alone.

It’s Smart To Travel In Groups

Truth be told, I’m not sure what a Flemish person travelling in Belgium would really have to fear beyond possibly being mobbed by annoying French speaking Belgians or, as they prefer to be called, Walloons.

On the other hand, traveling in groups seems like sound advice for any Americans who find it needful to travel within Chicago’s South Side, Detroit, or any other of the Third World, Post-Colonial, cities within our borders. 😉

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