OMFG Pikachu!


OMFG Pikachu! Too F’ing Freaky

Or is that some alternate evolution, a Pickamorph perhaps? Either way, that’s a damn freaky, creepy site when you’re riding Washington DC metro.

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Subways Are Great!

Subways Are Great! Or, At Least, They Can Be

Honestly, subways – at least the ones in NYC, where they benefitted from being originally built by the private sector and with actual competition – are pretty great, though a bit “elitist” in that this sort of public transit only works in certain, heavily urbanized areas, with NYC also benefitting greatly from simple but rare geography.

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*Cough* *Cough*

Cough COVID Puffer
*Cough* *Cough*

But, on the brighter side for those of us in NYC, it’s a great way to both get a seat and some extra room on the subway. 😆

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NYC, The Night Of The 4th

NYC, The Night Of The 4th
The 7 Train & The fireworks
NYC, The Night Of The 4th

And here’s a stunning picture of the IRT Flushing Line aka the 7 train from the 4th of July. In my opinion, absolutely beautiful and evocative.

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Riding The Subway

Subway Map Bodypainting
Never Get Lost On The Subway Again

New York City’s Metro Transit Authority (MTA) really needs to consider contracting Athena Zhe to provide subway maps such as this one for the city’s busier subway stations.

Every day we have thousands of tourists getting lost on the subways and “interactive” maps of this caliber would be a beautiful blessing. 😉

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