Some Costuming Advice

Some Costuming Advice
Some Costuming Advice
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Just some costuming advice for those who plan to dress up for Halloween but haven’t gotten their costume together yet, and those who are seriously considering returning to the sci-fi/fantasy convention circuit. 😆

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Halloween Is Coming

Ahhh, another year and, hence, another Halloween and the chance to enjoy costumes both professional and amateur. And this year, 2021, I’m probably going to post more costumed and cosplay babes, since Halloween is coming and we all need a bit of fantasy right now.

Yes, this year, in particular, I think we should all take full advantage of Halloween. And hey! Even if few of us are going anyplace and even fewer will likely be trick-or-treating, dressing up for the celebration works well at home for other pleasurable reasons. 😛

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Kemonomusume No Joō

Nekos – Kemonomusume No Joō

Nekos, short for Nekomimi (Cat Ears) or the more proper Nekomusume (Cat Daughters) are by most metrics the queens of Beast Girls (Kemonomusume) in anime, manga, and weeb culture.

And really? Why not? They’re worthy of our homage. Nyan, Baby, Nyan! 😆

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A Risen Dragon

A Risen Dragon – Dragon Con That Is, And Only Sort Of

So, in something resembling defiance of the long haul panicdemic, Dragon Con has resumed this year and currently as of this writing in session. True, they’ve deliberately limited the number of attendees to only slightly above half their normal number, and certain favorite, public events have been left off the schedule, but the convention is happening.

So, in support of Dragon Con, here are some lovely cosplay babes, since they’re actually the favorite part of SciFi conventions like Dragon Con for many attendees. And, like the convention itself, posts like this are something of a tradition with me. 😉

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Consolation Prizes

Some Beautiful Consolation Prizes

Scifi/Fantasy conventions are, if not the most, then one of the most hard-hit of “industries” by the pandemic has been conventions. They essentially went out of existence in 2020 and many of them will take years to recover … if they recover and resume at all.

So, to add to the effects of the Concellation 2021 FB group – a group as ragtag, chaotic, and eclectic as any Con, Gods bless them – here’s a grouping of cosplay babes for our mutual enjoyment.

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