Maps are important and sometimes an excuse for complaint by the certain sorts of non-cartographers. Simarly, Europe is still important and sometimes an excuse for complaint by the certain sorts. So here’s a map of Europe as it is and has been seen by Liberals:

Europe As Seen By Liberals
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If those “experts” in race-based sociology are correct in promulgating the idea that maps are actually just a social construction, then the map of Europe above must be an accurate cartographic projection of how Liberals have mapped Europe in their minds. 😉

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Riding The Subway

Subway Map Bodypainting
Never Get Lost On The Subway Again

New York City’s Metro Transit Authority (MTA) really needs to consider contracting Athena Zhe to provide subway maps such as this one for the city’s busier subway stations.

Every day we have thousands of tourists getting lost on the subways and “interactive” maps of this caliber would be a beautiful blessing. 😉

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Creative Cartography

For ages cartographers have tried to describe our world with maps. They’ve tried a variety of projections in or to do so: the Albers Equal-Area, the Azimuthal Equidistant, the Bonne, the Mendeleev-Conic, and the ubiquitous Mercator projections to name but a few.

Some times though, when trying to map things more complex and fluid than geographic features, they have to resort to creative cartography in order to do so.

Cartography Proves The Middle-East Is The Ass End Of The World - No Wonder The Middle-East Is In Deep Shit
No Wonder The Middle-East Is In Deep Shit

I believe this should be called the Colorectal-Sinusoidal Projection. I also believe that cartographers have finally managed to illustrate the reason for so many of the world’s ills. 😉

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