Another Sort Of Harley

It’s a simple fact that people either like Harleys or they hate them. There’s little middle ground on opinions about America’s definitive motorcycle.

Well, here’s another sort of Harley…

Another Sort Of Harley
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OK, she’s certainly not what William and Arthur envisioned in 1903 but the Harley Quinn has all the attitude and still provides that comfortable soft-tail ride that so many of us prefer. 😉

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Now That’s a Soft-Tail

Buffie Carruth - Soft-Tail
Now That’s a Soft-Tail

And here’s Buffie Carruth showing us all that, no matter which frame you choose, it’s possible and preferable to achieve the comfort and style of a soft-tailed ride. 😉

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Bikes And Babes

Bike Chick Banner
Some pairings seem preordained in any society. In America one of these pairings is beautiful women and motorcycles. Whether one describes it as bikes and babes, hawgs and hotties, or choppers and chicks, this combination is deeply ingrained in people’s consciousnesses.

Bikes & Babes – They Go Together

I’m really not sure at all if the near-ubiquitous combination of hotties and motorcycles is due to marketing campaigns that have propagated the imagery or if those marketing campaigns are due to an existent societal meme which paired beautiful women and bikes. The pairing has been around a long time though.

Old School Harley Davidson Pin-Up
Harleys And Hotties – Right From The Start

Of course the reasons and origins of the meme don’t really matter. What matters is that women and motorcycles are a natural pairing in America. it’s one of the reasons- though only one, albeit a fine one – that many of us prefer a bike over a cage.

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