Preggo Pole Dancing

So what’s a pregnant woman to do? She’s gained weight, probably isn’t feeling sexy and that, combined with the hormone roller coaster she’s trapped in, is likely making her feel unhappy and undesirable.

Fortunately, Roxy Fedaro (Christina Applegate, actually) has released a prenatal exercise DVD that should help. 😉

Roxy Fedaro’s Prenatal Pole Dancing DVD!

Watching Christina’s Applegate’s spoof video put me in an odd position; I didn’t know whether to fall on the kitchen floor laughing or gouge out my own eyes and try to pour bleach on my brain.

The only lingering bit of sadness this video engenders is that, given the growing depravity of American society, there probably is, or soon will be, a real life Roxy Fedaro and a commercial such as this.

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Keith? Amy? OMFG!

After looking at this can any of you still honestly claim that illicit drug use is a “victimless crime?”

Keith Richards Did Not Find Peace After The Sex Change

Well, you can’t always get what you want, and if you try sometime you find you get what you need – and what I need now is brain bleach!

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Just Brilliant!

The Mythbusters, led by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, have been teaching logic and critical thinking – and doing so by blowing things up! How cool is that?

jamie hyneman and adam savage
Adding Explosives to Congress – Brilliant!

Adding the television series to America’s school curriculum may well be the best idea I’ve heard for real education reform in a long, long while.

Adding the techniques used by the Mythbusters to prove or debunk myths and assumptions to Congress might well save America. 😉

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Solid Marriage

Truth in Media, or at least classic television? Quite possibly. American television was a lot different in the mid-1960s when ABC created and aired The Addams Family.

The Adams Family - John Astin and Carolyn Jones
Solid Marriage – Sad When The Freaks Can Do It And You Can’t

I ask all those who are against gay marriage because “it will weaken the family” or “destroy traditional marriage” is this what you’re really afraid of? Are you actually just terrified that the queers will manage to do better than our – straights, that is – 50% success rate at having solid marriages – or at least ones that don’t end in divorce?

Come on. There are plenty of valid reasons to fight against the gay marriage laws that they have passed and continue to try to pass in various states. Most were either designed to infringe upon the religious freedoms and freedom of association of various Christian groups or were twisted by queers and the Liberals into doing so. But…it’ll destroy traditional marriage and the sanctity thereof? Please!

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Every Pirate’s Dream

Yarr, Maties! In the olden days every pirate worth his powder and shot had but a single dream to keep him plying the seven seas in search of plunder and booty…

keira knightley
Every Pirate’s greatest Dream – A Sunken Chest

Alas and Alack, M’Hardies, some few us found it. Be a mite careful o’ what you dream of, you swabs; it just might come true. 😉

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