Preggo Pole Dancing

So what’s a pregnant woman to do? She’s gained weight, probably isn’t feeling sexy and that, combined with the hormone roller coaster she’s trapped in, is likely making her feel unhappy and undesirable.

Fortunately, Roxy Fedaro (Christina Applegate, actually) has released a prenatal exercise DVD that should help. 😉

Roxy Fedaro’s Prenatal Pole Dancing DVD!

Watching Christina’s Applegate’s spoof video put me in an odd position; I didn’t know whether to fall on the kitchen floor laughing or gouge out my own eyes and try to pour bleach on my brain.

The only lingering bit of sadness this video engenders is that, given the growing depravity of American society, there probably is, or soon will be, a real life Roxy Fedaro and a commercial such as this.

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