Aztlan Targets Target

It seems that Several Hispanic groups – most likely groups favoring a reconquista of large swaths of America and a rebuilding of Aztlan – have formally complained to Target Corp. and other American retailers about their selling an “illegal alien” hallowing costume on its website. Target, fearing various forms of reprisal, has surrendered and pulled the costume from it’s holiday offerings.

Illegal Alien Costume Hated by Latino Racists
He Didn’t  Just Cross a Border, He Crossed a Galaxy

Some days I don’t know which is worse, the obsidian knives and rampant human sacrifice of their not-too-distant ancestors or the PACs, paper terrorism, and complicit media of the current generation of Hispanics who seek to supplant America and its vibrant culture with their own way of existence. Either  way though, it’s a crime against America, Liberty, and Humanity as a whole to ever give in to such creatures.

The only ones who’d have reason to be bothered are criminals and people who harbor and/or support them. They should all be treated as such by the law or by the People if the law fails.

For anyone interested in supporting America and free enterprise – or just sticking it to these Latino “hate groups” – by buying the costume, it is still on sale at and

It should be really quite simple. Stay where you came from and try to fix the problems you and your kind created for yourselves or immigrate to America legally. If you choose to criminally come here, be ready to accept the consequences and earn the piece of America you so richly deserve – a prison cell or a shallow grave.

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