Obama’s Coal Black Yule

Obama's Coal Black Yule
Obama’s Coal Black Yule

Yeah, I’m guessing – just guessing, mind you 😉 – Obama didn’t have a very merry Christmas this year. Then he not made the American people’s naughty list, he redefined what it meant by extending its nadir to depths never plumbed before – not even by Slick Willy, who plumbed a peck of “depths” while in the White House. 😉

This is especially true in that the incoming POTUS, Donald Trump, doesn’t hate the coal industry nearly so much Obama seems to. Hence, most of Obama’s attempts to destroy the industry that provides both fuel and jobs for so many Americans will likely be overturned and thwarted.

Of course, if Obama is a bit bitter about the gifts he’s received this year, that says more about his pettiness, delusions of worth, and ingratitude than anything else. As he hasn’t been beaten by birch branches or placed in the wicker man, he should be thankful, not petulant.

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A Green Economy

Ah yes, A Green Economy – the goal of the Warmists. Let us for a moment consider what this Green Economy might look like for the people of Civilized World. Be warned though, it’s not a pretty picture.

A Green Economy
People Striving To Live In A Green Economy

It’d likely look a lot like Berlin immediately after WW2, a shattered ruin of a once rich and vibrant economy with men, women, and children despondently shambling around in despair of ever making ends meet.

Yes, this wasteland is what a Post-Warmist Green Economy would most likely look like to the people of the Civilized World if the doomsday cult of Global Warming / Climate Change / Climate Chaos / Climate Uncertainty were ever allowed to enforce their dogma and junk science upon society.

There’s nothing else and no better outcome that can be expected if they’re allowed to:

  • Destroy the current fossil fuel-based energy sector;
  • Price automobiles out of reach for most people and small businesses;
  • Drive up costs for all products and services;
  • Drastically increase taxes on businesses and families;
  • Wipe out whole sections of the job market;
  • Redistribute the wealth of the Civilized World to “developing” nations.

Fortunately for the Civilized World, this seems more and more unlikely of an outcome as time goes by. Yet unlikely does not mean impossible, so each and every man and woman must stay ready to defend ourselves and our children’s birthright by any and all means necessary – even if those means might make our gentler fellows squeamish.

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