Exploding Clothes

Liberals and other apologists for Islam keep stridently ranting that the jihad American is defending against isn’t a Clash of Cultures. Yet how can these fools expect anyone with any sense to lend them credence when the war was started over Islam’s inherent differences from- and incompatibilities with the culture of the Civilized World?

As an example – one of a vast array of such – take the intersection of sexual mores, fashion, and language. In the Civilized World, when one says, “She’s about to explode out her clothes,” they mean it in a good way – or, at the very least, in a context that carries no weight of immediate physical danger.

What’s The Tensile Strength Of Spandex Again?

But within the Muslim World female fashion and the lexicon surrounding how they dress evolved differently. When they mention “exploding clothes” or that “she’s going to explode out her clothes” they mean something quite different and far less pleasant.

Female Jihadi Bomber
She’s Going To Explode Out Of That Dress – Literally

Even more sadly, this sort of thing naturally leads to a different definition for, “She’s a hot mess” in the Muslim World. 😯

On the bright side – such as it is, “Ahlan Ya gamila! Are those blasting caps under your blouse or are you just happy to see me?” becomes a useable bit of dialogue, though a potentially odd set of last words depending upon how the niqaabi answers.

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