Brown: The Aftermath

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) aka Lt. Colonel Brown, MA State National GuardNow that Republican Scott Brown has won the election to fill Massachusetts’ US Senate seat left empty by Sen. Ted Kennedy’s long overdue yet far too quick death, what will be the response from President Obama and his Liberals who currently rule Congress?

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) breaks the Dems super-majority in the Senate and, theoretically puts the Liberals’ entire destructive, neo-Socialist agenda at immediate and significant risk.

Worse for the traitorous Left, Brown’s campaign was centered on opposition to President Obama visions for a 2nd Reconstruction of- or replacement for America – especially ObamaCare.

I’m ambivalent about how Brown ran his campaign largely as a referendum against Obama. It’s too similar to Obama’s presidential campaign, which was against Bush rather than McCain.

While I’m very happy that it worked for Brown and, by extension, Americans as a whole, I didn’t like it when Obama ran his campaign that way and I don’t like it that Brown followed suit. In my rarely humble opinion campaigns should be ran against one’s opponent, not a third party.

What exactly President Obama and his Liberals’ immediate response will be to Sen. Brown’s somewhat shocking defeat of Martha Coakley is a matter of some discussion and seems to be fraught with great deal contradictory evidence and statements by Democrat politicians.

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