Halloween Candi

While, for religious reasons, I’m ambivalent towards the secular holiday, Halloween, I’m not the sort to begrudge people their fun. Hence, here’s some sweet and scary Halloween Candi for you to enjoy.

Halloween Candi - As in fetish model, Razor CandiHere’s Some Halloween Candi

And, to keep with the ongoing fear of tainted treats, she’s Razor Candi aka Kym. Even better, she’s been living in Transylvania since 2008.

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That Murky Pond Look

I’m quite fond of the avatar that I’ve been using for nigh on a decade because it’s different and striking.

Love That Murky Pond Look
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I’ve got to say though that she rocks the Murky Pond look a lot better than I do or ever will. Kind of makes me wish the look would catch on…

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