A Beautiful Reflection

One can never be quite sure what beauty the murky pond might harbor in its darkling depths.

A Beautiful Reflection From A Murky Pond

A case in point is this delightfully beautiful, ginger nymph. And, if she be more rusalky than naiad, that is just the risk we must take.

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Just Peaking In

Pond Babe Peaking In
Just Peaking In

One thing to remember about Reflections From A Murky Pond – You can never be sure of exactly what sort of beauty might peak in…

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Murky But Beautiful

Water Nymph
The Pond Is Murky But Beautiful

‘Tis but the scattered reflections from a murky pond that come from here. Yet the pond is deeper than that and, though murky, it holds within its darkling waters beauty.

So don’t be too afraid to enter it. Exert some caution though; some of the naiads are rusalky.

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That Murky Pond Look

I’m quite fond of the avatar that I’ve been using for nigh on a decade because it’s different and striking.

Love That Murky Pond Look
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I’ve got to say though that she rocks the Murky Pond look a lot better than I do or ever will. Kind of makes me wish the look would catch on…

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