Trump’s Big Hands

President Trump's Big HandsPresident Trump’s Big Hands

The Left and the propaganda corps, the Lamestream Enemedia, have make many rude jests about President Trump’s “Big Hands,” but that doesn’t change the simple fact that under his banner America’s economy has begun its restoration and taken the first steps in its return to greatness and renewed prosperity. America’s GDP, The NY Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, the DOW, and the S & P Index have all skyrocketed from previous levels since President Trump took office. Even exports have increased steadily with President Trump at America’s helm.

And yes! This is largely because of President Trump or, at least, the replacement of Obama with a POTUS who does attack America’s economic might with the bulk of his rhetoric. Obama made companies and investors very nervous with speech. President Trump makes them much more confident in investing in our nation’s future.

CNN Bias Alert
Not That The Lamestream Media Wants You To Know This

Of course, you have to do some research to discover this since the MSM is sure as Hell not going to report upon it. They’d much rather “report” things that are largely meaningless to other than the snowflakes and crybullies of the Left’s #resistance.

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The Christmas Symptom

Christmas, Yule, or Chanukah – no matter your holiday – are not the problem in America but how most “celebrate” these holidays is certainly a major symptom of the pathology that is plaguing American society and, resultantly, politics.

Buy All The Things
Buy All The Things!

The disease or syndrome in question is, of course, rampant materialism and consumerism. It’s the root cause of almost every ill that torments America and it is a progressive illness.

Simply and sadly put, American society has not only forgotten what is important but has seemingly deprecated the importance and value of that which is immaterial. Worse, this disease’s symptoms become even more pronounced during the ever-expanding holiday season, which is now better- and more often described as the holiday shopping season, which accounts annually for 20% – 40% of the average American retailers’ total annual sales.

To put this is horrific perspective, The National Retail Federation (NRF) expects retail sales during the 2013 holiday shopping season to marginally increase 3.9% to $602.1 billion which is greater than the total GDP of 167 of the 188 nations tracked my the International Monetary Fund (IMF). So, in 33 days, Americans spend more on purchases than 166 countries make in a year. Only 20, other than the US, make more en toto per year than we spend during this time.

If this isn’t a symptom of a chronic and eventually lethal societal pathology I don’t know what is.

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Obamacare’s Premium

Insurance MoneyObamacare comes at a cost to Americans of approximately $80 Billion per year just in new taxes. That’s more than the GDP of the 105 out of 182 nations tracked by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). So, just in new tax burdens Obamacare will cost the American people more than total output of approximately 57% of world. Yes, over half the world’s nations’ GDPs are less than the added tax-burden of Obamacare.

Obamacare’s premium seems egregiously high for its stated goals, most of which were either false or not to actually be met by this boondoggle.

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