No Pot O’ Gold For Dems

No Pot O' Gold
No Pot O’ Gold For Dems

St. Padraig’s Day has come and come and gone. There was no luck, except for bad luck, for the Dems however. After well over a year of them following the mystical rainbow of Russian collusion, there’s been no pot ‘o gold for them to have. In fact, to-date the collusion evidence that’s been uncovered is that of collusion between various members of the FBI and the DNC / Hillary campaign. 😉

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So…#Memogate. Ah yes, the almost but not quite tempest arising from the contents and release of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation memo drafted by Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA 22), in which are accusations of bias, collusion with the DNC, and various forms of wrongdoing by FBI officials while investigating then-candidate Donald Trump.

#Memogate Hurts The FBI's Feelings
The FBI’s Concerns About #Memogate

Obviously, senior members of the FBI had grave concerns about this sort of data being released to the general populace. They were legitimately concerned that, if these actions were publicized, it would greatly harm public confidence in their activities and worth to the People. Note of course, that they were far more concerned about the memo being released than about whether or not their people had committed these sorts of malfeasances…

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The Clintons As A Couple

The Clintons, Bill and Hillary, are as a couple quite amazing. Most people boggle at the fact that they are still a couple after all that has happened.

Two Of A Kind
The Clintons – Two Of A Kind

But the thing is is that the Clintons are the perfect couple – perfect for each other at least. They’re two peas in a pod, both unrepentant cheaters. All that differs between them is how they cheat.

Setting The Record Straight
The Clintons – Setting The Record Straight

They even handle being caught in their various wrongdoings the same way, with predictably similar results. Truly, they’re a match made in Gehenna and, as such, it’s no shock that they’ve cleaved to each other.

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