Actions Require Responses

Democrats, Enraged That Trump Is POTUS, Vowed To Take Action

And, in this, if in nothing else, they took their oath seriously and have taken extreme and concerted effort to undo the 2016 elections and punish those who sided against them.

Democrats' Actions Require Americans' Responses
Democrats’ Actions Require Americans’ Responses

But, it’s a simple, natural law – actions require responses. Hence, Americans need to respond to the Democrats and their choice of actions and allegiance. We need to respond appropriately and with the appropriate level of force and commitment to the defense of our nation and People.

Or, we can just look on and do nothing, ignore our duty to our nation and People, and refuse to defend America from our domestic enemies. All that will cost us, our progeny, and the world is America, because, if we allow them to do so, they will destroy it in order to replace it with a nation made in the image of what they stand for.

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