Still The Same Shit

Antisemitism doesn’t really change. It’s still the same shit, just rebranded with different faces and slightly different rhetoric and excuses. The hate and the end game of those practicing it don’t change.

Antisemitism doesn't change anything except its uniforms and slogans
1933 or 2013 – Still The Same Shit

80 years of time passing doesn’t matter at all. Whether it was the National Socialist Party then or the Democratic Socialist Party now, it’s all the same.

The one and only saving grace of this is the solution to them today is also the same as the solution to them back then. Overwhelming force and total war will break them and then we use trials and either lifelong imprisonment or execution to mop up the remains of the problem.

Maybe this time, if Americans can do what needs to be done to completion, we can avoid the issue of our grandchildren having to fight this atrocity yet another time.

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