And The Consensus Is…

Climate Consensus - Warmists are bad at mathClimate Consensus – Warmists Are Bad At Math

Of course, to be heartlessly fair, this a breakdown of a large swath of the scientific community. If one limited the polling to only “Climatologists,” the consensus of belief-in-detail in Anthropogenic Climate Change with CO2 emissions as the sole or primary cause is over 95%. Hence, most of the queried scientists aren’t properly certified to have or espouse an opinion, not being “Climatologists.”

Yet, to once again be heartlessly fair, Climatology is nothing be a degree in Geology with a handful of extra credit hours attached to it is a degree that was created by the Warmists themselves a decade or so ago. As it teaches the revealed truth of Global Warming as a postulate and scientific truth, of course those degree holders are in orthodox consensus; they wouldn’t be able to be published otherwise and would perish. Hence, their magisterium is invalid and unfounded upon anything but fiat.

Eppure Si Raffredda

Yeah, the Warmists are quite bad at math…and Economics, Political Science, and History – and obviously have zero understanding of even the basics of Chaos Theory. They are, however, quite good at Theater Arts and fairly good at creative Theology and Divinity.

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4 Responses to “And The Consensus Is…”

  1. Julie Davis Says:

    I was trained as a scientist. You are not supposed to jump to conclusions. How good was the data from 100 years ago anyways?

  2. Alan Scott Says:

    “the revealed truth of Global Warming as a postulate” . You can say the same thing by stealing and adding to this line from the Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” The Liberals do hold that Global Warming man made is self evident. Every time we have bad weather it is self evident.

  3. jonolan Says:

    Yes, which an odd and hypocritical position for a group who claims to believe in the scientific process – a process that absolutely refutes that anything is self-evident.

    Them, Warmism is more of a religion – a doomsday cult – than an expression of science.

  4. Alan Scott Says:

    Sometimes you Have to start with an assumption to move forward, but then the evidence has to support the way forward. Je pense, donc Je suis,- Cogito ergo sum. I think therefore I am.

    Liberals start with an assumption of man caused climate variation. Well the climate varies and man exists, so man caused climate change must exist. Since all of the variations were also present before man began impacting the earth it is not provable.

    Anything not provable is religion or false.

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