They Can’t Be Racist

It looks like Obama and his handlers have a bit of a problem on their hands and I doubt that they or Obama’s cultists really know how to deal with it. The way certain things are shaping up across the country it looks like unemployment might personally affect them after the 2012 Presidential Elections coming in November.

All across America Obama is doing poorly in the Democratic Primaries, even when he’s running unopposed!

This presents a bit of a problem for Obama, his handlers, and their Lamestream Media.

Obviously, those who went to the trouble to vote against Obama in their states’ Democratic Primaries must be racists. But they can’t be racist. They’re Democrats and the very thought of they’re being actively and consciously racist utterly violates the narrative of Critical Liberal Theory which tells all – again, and again, and again – that racism is a solely Republican evil.

Yeah, they’ve got a bit of a problem on their hands, the poor babies. 😉

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