Ophelia Revenant (NSFW)

Have you ever considered what it would be like if Hollywood took a greater interest in the classics, especially the works of William Shakespeare?

While Hollywood will upon occasion produce a movie version of one of Shakespeare’s play, they rarely put much effort into it or seem to take it particularly seriously – and this is a good thing in my opinion because I think that Hollywood would make a complete mess of things, especially in these days.

Between updated and “gritty” remakes / reboots and the seemingly overwhelming desire to turn everything into a “franchise,” Hollywood would be sure to turn the works of William Shakespeare into mockeries of themselves were they to truly turn their attentions to his works.

Ophelia Revenant
Hamlet 2 – The Rising of Ophelia

At a bare minimum (pun very much intended) we could expect a sequel to Hamlet with the naked revenant of Ophelia rising from the waters she drowned in to wreak death and havoc upon whatever characters decided that Hollywood decided to include in the inevitable sequel.

And don’t even get me started on the contortions they Hollywood types would go through in order to provide a “racial diverse” cast for a franchise set in medieval Denmark!

Trust me in this; we’re all better off with Hollywood continuing to essentially ignore the classics, especially Shakespeare. What they would do to the Bard’s works, judging from their recent attempts to “revitalize” older works, would be an abomination and abhorrent.

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