She’s Born This Way

With the ongoing popularity of Lady Gaga aka Stefani Germanotta as both a singer and a pop-culture and style icon of sorts and the fact that the title track of her second Album, Born This Way has become something akin to her anthem, it behooves us all to think about the message that she is sending.

The whole born that way vs. made a choice debate has been with us for a long time. It’s nothing but the nature vs. nurture argument recast in new words and applied to different behaviors and attitudes.

So perhaps Lady Gaga’s penchant for outrageous “fashion statements” has a genetic component. Perhaps we should look at her ancestry to see if there’s been a tendency for those of her blood to dress in similar fashions…

To be fair though, science has made some interesting strides and it’s obvious that the brains of Liberals and Americans aren’t built or wired in the same way.

Lady Gaga's Grandmother?
Grandma Gaga?

Perhaps Ms. Germanotta’s persona, with it’s outre public behavior and dress sense, is purely a matter of choice. Then again, perhaps it’s a matter of genetics. Perhaps she’s born this way. πŸ˜†


NOTE: This post is pure humor and meant without malice of any sort. In the Gods’ honest truth, Lady Gaga is a sane and amazingly rational young woman. Behind closed doors where it won’t affect her image she’s been an island of calm, serenity, and normalcy within the turbulent sea of the drama queens of her entourage and label.

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