Politics Of Parasitism

Jay Carney - Filthy sack of shit and valid targetObama’s current mouthpiece, Jay Carney is a proud supporter of- and flunky to Obama as well as being shining star in the cult of Liberalism or, at least, he’s good at getting on his knees as providing lip server to Obama and his agenda.

The problem, such as it is, lies in the fact that Carney is no better at actually thinking and speaking than the average Liberal. Hence, Obama’s mouthpiece sometimes speaks stupidly.

Carney latest atupid utterance was in response to being questions about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) determining that ObamaCare encourages American residents to work less or not work at all.

Opportunity created by affordable, quality health insurance allows families in America to make a decision about how they will work, or if they will work.

— Jay Carney
White House Press Secretary

Yep. Carney chose to come across as believing that CBO’s showing that ObamaCare’s inherent disincentive to work, a disincentive expected to cost the equivalent of 2.3 million jobs, is a good thing and an opportunity.

Of course, this sums up Obama’s and the Liberals’ ideology perfectly and succinctly. Liberalism is the politics of parasitism. To them anything that increases America’s parasitic load is laudable.

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Because They Care

Obama The Liar-in-ChiefThe Obama Regime and their Liberal sycophants want both the shutdown of large parts of the federal government to end and there to be no doubt about- or argument over once again raising the Federal Government’s debt ceiling because they care so much about the country and we, the People…or so they’ll claim whenever foolishly given the hand-out of an opportunity to do so.

This sounds good. It sounds exactly like what a POTUS should be thinking and saying during situations like these. It’s quite a shame that it’s just another of the boy’s incessant lies.

The truth of what the Obama and his coterie in the White care about has been revealed to be somewhat different than those oft-repeated claims.

On Oct. 4, a senior official in the Obama administration told The Wall Street Journal that the administration doesn’t care about how long the government remains shut down.

“We are winning,” the official said. “It doesn’t really matter to us” how long the shutdown lasts because what matters is the end result,” the source added.

And that is the truth of it. Neither Obama nor the Democrats in general care about Americans or the American people. All they care about is victory – not even in this standoff, but in the 2014 and 2016 elections – no matter what the costs to others might be.

It also explains why Obama won’t agree to any legislation that would keep Veterans Affairs and NIH open during the shutdown. And it explains why they shutdown open air memorials that actually cost more tax dollars to close than to keep open.

Tear it down before we tear you and your's down, you worthless, misborn sack of monkey shit.
Tear Down This Wall, Boy!

Sadly for some number of Americans, the Obama Regime thinks that they’re winning by shutting down the government and blaming Republicans, and such callous gamesmanship is their sole criteria for caring about anything. Hence, they’re not likely to change course unless the People rise up and prove to them that they’re not, in fact, winning anything with their insensitivity towards- and despite for both the American people and their constituency, the latter of whom are far more dependent upon government largess.

I wonder if the boy and his Liberals have ever read of the Battle of Cannae and it’s detailing of the dangers of thinking you’re winning because you seem to be moving forward.

And yes, for those few of you who have studied history, I know that this is a somewhat ironic musing since Obama and his Liberals have sacrificed more babies to dark Gods than the Carthaginians ever did.

Know this and know it well the Obama Regime does not care for or about the American people at all. They even only care about their fellow-travelers and minority tenants on election day and act accordingly based upon this mindset. They care about victory and ruling our country for their ends and nothing else.

The filth belongs hanging from a tree, not fouling the White HouseOf course, this is not in any way shock. Years ago the American people learned the hard way that Obama in his cabal: do not watch for our souls; do not believe that they must give account to either us or the God(s); and do not, in the case of 53% of us, care what is unprofitable for us? They broke their covenant immediately upon believing they had come to power.

We, the People must hold these uncaring, would-be tyrants accountable for their failures and malicious misdeeds. The only questions of merit are what forms and within what limits, if any at all, our reprisals should take.


They will be responsible for letting a condition develop in this country which will create a climate that will bring seeds up out of the ground with vegetation on the end of them looking like something their people never dreamed of. In 2013 and beyond it’s no longer time for the ballot; that season has past after bearing cancerous fruit.

Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉 Remember also, if you love your children, you must know that their children are the enemy as well and must be exterminated.

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