PSA: Drive Smart!

With the weather being what it is right now, especially anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, here’s a simple Public Service Announcement (PSA) for all you folks who will be taking to the roadways:

Drive Smart
Brains Required
Brains Required

Or, the same warning message as it would be given in a kinder, gentler, more perfect – or, at least, less fucked up – world:

Drive Smart
It's Just Snow
For The Rest Of Us, It’s Just Snow

Somewhat more seriously though, it’s just snowy conditions. Use your brains! It doesn’t take that much self-awareness and cognitive function to know whether you can drive in it or not.

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Today’s Workforce

Let me start off with the simple statement that America has 10’s of millions of good, productive, workers, though fewer as a percentage of the population than before. These largely unsung heroes, doing jobs both clean and dirty, have always been the backbone of American greatness.

However, they may no longer be the norm…

Today’s Workforce

Let’s face it; the Sisyphean “traji-comedy” above is almost an iconic representation of those members of the American workforce that we do hear about, the ones clamoring for a higher minimum and/or other privileges that neither their ability nor willingness to work or the jobs they perform have earned.

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Subprime Intelligence

Obama the IdiotAmerica is suffering through trying times and such trying times called for men of character and intelligence to step up and lead the way to better days. Sadly for each and every American, we’re saddled with Obama and the boy has no character of note and an obviously subprime intelligence

Yes, it’s probably too much to ask that Obama to learn from history. One could, however, quite reasonably expect anyone approaching the average human intellect to be able to learn from current events.

Such expectations that Obama had the basic human capacity to learn and adapt seem to have misplaced. In the wake of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis that caused the Great Recession, Obama’s policies for the FHA have been to do the same thing again with the same borrowers who defaulted the last time.

After two foreclosures and two bankruptcies, Hermes Maldonado, a Honduran immigrant, recently qualified for an FHA loan for a home in the Los Angeles area.

“After everything that happened, thank God I was able to buy another house.”

Under Obama, the FHA has more and more backed new home loans to so-called rebound borrowers, those who have recently defaulted on previous mortgages. The agency is now allowing lower-income borrowers with extremely low credit scores to get loans a mere three years after foreclosure and with as little as 3% down. This has resulted 40% of newer FHA-backed loans being subprime.

The natural result of this stupidity is that a large percentage of these loans are more than 90 days delinquent and many more are actively in foreclosure.  These losses have depleted the agency’s reserve fund to 0.24% during fiscal 2011, which is barely more than one tenth of the Congressionally-mandated 2% level.

With cash reserves almost nonexistent and analysts predicting that over 30% of FHA backed mortgages will be in delinquency within the next five years it’s expected that FHA will need a taxpayer-funded bailout in the very near future – to the tune of over $50 billion.

I’ll give Obama and his handlers and sycophants credit though. They don’t do stupidity in a small way; theirs is a larger than life sort of idiocy.

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Ignorant And Evil

GOP v. Dem - Head-to-Head Match-UpLiberals and Conservatives in America differ greatly in their core beliefs and nowhere is this more starkly highlighted than in their views of why their respective enemies are wrong.

The Liberals deride their enemies, by and large, as being ignorant and easily mislead; Conservative, by and large, claim that their enemies are evil.

I find it a very interesting dichotomy of outlooks.

The reasons and motives that Liberals and Conservatives in America ascribe to each others’ actions is, so far as I can see, nothing but a “high-proof” distillation of their respective worldviews.

The Liberals

In most cases the Liberals seem to believe that little or nothing that anyone could do that they consider as anti-social or contrary to their Liberal values is that person’s fault because they don’t seem to believe that it was a matter of choice.

When Liberals encounter someone who behaves or believes is manner that they find wrong the Liberals tend not to blame the person in question. They tend to shift the blame to society as a whole. It’s not the person’s fault; they’re not fully accountable for their behavior or actions because they weren’t properly educated, weren’t provided with successful results, and other such things.

The Conservatives

In most cases the Conservative seem to believe that nearly anything or everything that anyone could do that they consider as anti-social or contrary to their Conservative values is that person’s fault because they don’t seem to believe that it was anything other than a matter of choice.

When Conservatives encounter someone who behaves or believes is manner that they find wrong they tend to believe that the person has willfully chosen to be like that. Society and circumstance are rarely blamed due to the Conservatives’ belief that people of good character can and will overcome any obstacles put in their paths.


In the course of political discourse in America the rhetoric of these two views devolve into condescension from the Liberals and vitriol from Conservatives.

The Liberals deride the Conservatives as ignorant, stupid, or mentally damaged and seek to re-educate them into Liberal views, and the Conservatives deride the Liberals as evil people who have chosen to believe and act as they do and who are likely not amenable to conversion.

Such will likely continue until one side or the other is destroyed and consigned to history because the forms these arguments take is nothing but a distillation of the core beliefs of the two sides.

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