A Bit Of Obamaian Errata

I recently wrote how Obama was neither new nor transformative. I need to add a caveat to that, a bit of errata and retraction as it were.

From Democrat to Islamocrat in one illegitimate POTUS
From Democrat to Islamocrat in one POTUS

Obama has been transformative, transformative to Democrat party that is. In a few short and pain-filled years the boy changed the party from Democrats into Islamocrats.

To be fair though, Obama’s enabling of Democrat Islamophilia is one of the few instances when he was abiding by the obsessions and whims of his constituencies, the Liberals and Progressives, and the Blacks.

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Lucy On The 4th

Lefty Lucy is conflicted about the Forth of JulyLefty Lucy On The 4th

Hope n’ Change‘s Lefty Lucy is always good for at an eye roll and, more often than not, for a laugh. In this case the humor is the oh-so-typical ambivalence and conflict the character experiences about celebrating Independence Day.

This so aptly sums up the average rank and file Liberals and Progressives.

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