CNN Business Model

CNN, along with the rest of the Mainstream Media (MSM) have little value and are more interested profiting off of death, destruction, and misery than aiding the world in any fashion whatsoever.

CNN Business Model
Stay Back! Don’t Ruin The Shot! People Have A Right To Know!

As these creatures profit from all forms of human misery and have repeatedly shown that when there is not enough of it to pad to their wallets they will actively strive to create that misery by willfully escalating conflicts they have become a force for abject Evil.

I truly do not believe that any man or woman who actively or tacitly supports them in any way, even by the merely failing to strike against them when and as possible, can expect anything other than disapprobation and/or damnation from their God(s).

This is especially true when the solution to the problem of these disgusting scavengers is two-fold yet simple in execution:

  1. No government, military, or aid agency should allow the operatives of CNN or any other media outlet access to any situation or theater where people are endangered in any manner until after all needed efforts have been completed. If these filth complain, they should be given one warning. If they ignore this warning or complain a second time, their entire field team should be executed on the spot.
  2. No person should ever lend any form of aid or comfort to these media vultures. They should never be provided with food, shelter, transport, or information of any sort. If and when the vermin complain, their equipment should be taken from them or destroyed and they should be driven off, using whatever level of force is required to accomplish this.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing and the God(s) will surely judge each of us by our both are actions and when we chose not to act.

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