Gun Free Zones

This is the historically proven end result of a disarmed population. Well, this and more rapid massive exterminations.

Gun Free Zone aka Concentration Camps
Gun Free Zones

Do not, however, make the mistake of merely thinking of this as a dire warning. It is also a valid proposition for a blueprint of a better, purer America. We should seriously consider rounding up our domestic enemies, the Liberal and Progressive gun-grabbers and putting them in camps where they can no longer pollute and harm our country.

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Gun Free Zone

Americans are rightfully quite concerned about the safety of Barack Obama and his family while they live in the White House.

Be Fair - Turn the White House into a gun-free zone and see how long the Obamas survive
Out Of Concern For The Obamas’ Safety…

I, for one, believe that the problem with the safety of the Obamas can be easily rectified by turning 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C into a Gun Free Zone. Everything should then, judging from history, be fixed in less than a month. 😉

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