Don’t Be Racist!

Don't Be Racist. Hate EveryoneDon’t Be Racist. Hate Everyone!

Grumpy Cat aka Tardar Sauce is normally a surprisingly good source of wisdom, but “Don’t Be Racist. Hate Everyone.” is one of her few and far between failures. It doesn’t work that way in these degenerate times. Insofar as the Liberals and Progressives and the Blacks they pander to- and enable are concerned, misanthropy is no defense whatsoever against the charge of racism.

Remember, as far as the SJWs are concerned failure to love or, at least, like or coddle Blacks is racist. It doesn’t matter to them why you fail to like, coddle, and/or excuse the behaviors and attitudes of Blacks; the simple fact that you fail to do so makes you racist in their eyes. Hence, even hating everyone equally is do defense.

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Disney’s Grumpy Reboot

Anything and everything involving Hollywood “needs” a reboot. Without rebooting existing franchises there’d be few new movies because there’s apparently a dearth of creativity and/or cognitive ability on the Left Coast. The one quasi-exception to this is Disney’s animated movies. Since most are based on folk tales and fairy tales they have a more legitimate reason for relying upon rebooting existing properties.

Eric Proctor’s aka TsaoShin’s Grumpy Cat Disney Princesses

Fortunately for Disney, Eric Proctor has provided the perfect inspiration for rebooting some of the Disney Princesses.

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