Ill-Thought And Unwanted

Post ObamaCare Medical TreatmentAs Americans have been forced to hear time and time again, the raison d’être for Obama’s one and only “achievement” as POTUS, ObamaCare was to provide health insurance to the uninsured and supposedly uninsurable. It was billed by Obama, the Liberals in Congress, and a complicit MSM as a strongly needed and desired reconstruction of the entire American health insurance industry.

The problem is that Obama, Liberals in Congress, the MSM, and the mis-educated Leftists throughout America were utterly, completely, and woefully wrong when push came to shove and ObamaCare was translated from fantastic theory to gritty reality.

The majority of the uninsured never wanted ObamaCare and, after dealing with the irresponsible failure that was its roll-out, even fewer of the uninsured say that they plan to use it.

  • Only 22% of uninsured people in America have already or intend to purchase health insurance via the ObamaCare exchanges. This is a 50% drop from earlier polls in which a meager 44% said that they would do so.
  • Only 30% of uninsured people in America are even familiar with the ObamaCare exchanges.

The poll’s results must be troubling for the Obama Regime and the Liberals, stating bluntly that uninsured Americans aren’t responding positively to the key part of Obamacare that’s critical to its success. This means that the upheaval of America’s health insurance and medical industries was not only unneeded but will only grow worse as the already high premiums of ObamaCare-approved insurance plans skyrocket even higher due to only the most needy and desperate, i.e., the most expensive to insure, being willing to use them.

Ill-thought and unwanted; that is what ObamaCare is and what it will remembered as by history.

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