Relatively Offensive

Here in the Civilized World we’re repeatedly inundated by calls to not offend the Muslims, especially not to openly mock their cult or their cult’s prophet. This normally reoccurs whenever the Muslims respond to being offended with savage violence such as their Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Offended Muslims
Offended Muslims

Let us for a moment set aside the cowardly basis for these apologetics and calls for censorship and focus upon the core idea of the Muslims’ offense at such things. After all, the Dhimmis and Oikophobes who demand that we show respect for Islam and not mock the cult, its prophet, or adherents do have a point. Doing so greatly and dramatically offends the Muslims and goads a significant number of them to violence.

Consider This:

If the Muslims are that offended by such mockery that they have to resort to violence and/or lawfare to assuage their outrage, they have no business living in the Civilized World with its freedoms and pluralism. Simply and bluntly put, the Muslims are unfit for the West just as the West is unfit for the Muslims.

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Carter Dutifully Queried


Jimmy Carter - Islamist
It’s All Israel’s Fault

I really don’t know why Obama is so worried about the MSM occasionally publishes some article or airing some peace that might just possibly be construed by some as being anti-jihad. It’s not as if that same MSM doesn’t, whenever the Muslims commit another atrocity, always dutifully go to Jimmy Carter so that the senile anti-Semite can blame Israel.

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Obama Ne est Pas Charlie

It seems a lot of people are both confused and offended by Obama’s refusal to go to the Unity March in Paris and to send any official of note – not even his boy, Holder, who was already in Paris – to do so in his stead.

Obama Defends Muslim Outrage
Obama Ne est Pas Charlie

Both the confusion and the outrage seem either misplaced or manufactured to me. Why would anyone expect or think it even marginally appropriate to have the person who said to the world, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” in response to the Muslim’s Benghazi massacre attend a unity march in solidarity against those who completed agreed with his words and ensured that the future did not belong to the Charlie Hebdo staff?

Frankly, I could think of no greater farce and no greater dishonor than allowing Obama or any of his regime to attend such an event.

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If France Were Jewish

A Two-State Solution For France
If France Were Jewish…

Face facts; If France were a Jewish nation, Liberals and Progressives would be saying that the Muslims’ massacre of the Charlie Hebdo staff, combined with the recent Muslim riots and looting, shows that France must be divided into two states – one Muslim, one otherwise.

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