A Democrat Christmas Wish

A Democrat Christmas Wish - A Build Back Better Christmas
A Democrat Christmas Wish

The Christmas the Democrats, under Biden and Co., have forced upon Americans and the Christmas I wish upon them and their kin.

May their days be few. May creditors seize their entire estate, and strangers take all they have earned. Let no one be kind to them; let no one pity their fatherless children. May all their offspring die. May their family names be blotted out in the next generation.

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Tell Me. I'll Wait

Go Ahead And Tell Me. I'll Wait
Go Ahead And Tell Me. I’ll Wait

Please, go ahead. Tell me how Biden’s handlers – because Senile, Doddering Joe sure ain’t doing anything – are making America better. I’ll wait, though I might need the lifespan of a tortoise to get an answer. Well, an answer that isn’t their sort taking credit for improvements set in motion by President Trump.

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Feeling It Yet?

Feeling It Yet?
Feeling It Yet?

Feeling it yet? Feeling the pain of the Biden Administration’s and the other Dems’ policies and rhetoric? Wondering if there’s ever been a worse pain in our collective gasholes?

Then, this had to be expected when the Dems installed Biden and his handlers, overseers, and nurses in the White House. It should come as no surprise that only things Biden and Co. have built back is the Cold War and the inflation of the Jimmy Carter years.

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Biden's Build Back Bitter

Biden's Build Back Bitter
Biden’s Build Back Bitter

With Creepy Uncle Joe’s signature project, Build Back Better, having been derailed by fellow Democrats, the question becomes if he – or, more accurately, whoever is using Biden as their hand puppet – will move on to Build Back Bitter in 2022.

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Build Back Better Explained

Biden's Build Back Better Explained
Biden’s Build Back Better Explained

This perfectly explains Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, his and the Dems’ multi-trillion dollar boondoggle. It is, as it must be due to the nature of our federated political system, is doomed to be nothing but a hodge-podge of poorly – if at all – though patches to a system that the Dems’ have decided is broken. It’s just, at best, a bit of rhetoric to rationalize the theft of $3.5 trillion or more from the makers in order to fail to usefully give it to the eaters and takers within our borders.

But then, one does have to wonder if there ever was a point to Build Back Better beyond doing what the Dems have always stated their primary focus in politics was: stripping wealth from successful private citizens and enterprises in order to use it for their own agendas.

Honestly, if Biden and Dems actually wanted to help out the “lower and middle classes” they could just change the tax code so that nobody making less than $44,000 per year paid federal income tax. That would be a direct and easy benefit to the bottom %50 of taxpayers in America and would only cost the federal government approximately 3% of its total Personal Income Tax dollars. A few small and relatively painless tweaks to other parts of the tax code and enforcement policies could even make it cost-neutral.

But Build Back Better is meant to be Build On The Backs Of The Makers, if one can reasonably believe that anything at all will be built in the first place.

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