What’re You In For?

It is the nature of governments to make laws in order to criminalize the citizenry’s actions or, possibly coming soon, inactions. This is how the government maintains and expands its power.

New Crimes - Not buying ObamaCare or anything else the Obama Regime tells you to buy
New Crime – Failure To Purchase Health Insurance

Very shortly the US Supreme Court will begin deciding whether or not the Obama Regime will be allowed to make not purchasing a product or service, government-approved health insurance in this case, a federal crime punishable by hefty fines and, if those fines are not paid, by wage garnishment, seizure of assets, and/or incarceration under the existing federal tax evasion laws.

ObamaCare also includes a provision for adding 16,000 additional federal agents to enforce this new criminalization of personal choice and individual liberty, so the Obama Regime and the Liberals in Congress are obviously placing a high value upon enforcing this tyranny.

Hopefully, the SCOTUS will strike down this law as unconstitutional. Their doing so will alleviate the existential need for Americans to exercise the Gods-given 2nd Amendment rights to strike down the tyrants and their enforcers who, by providing material aid and comfort to the enemy, willfully violated their oaths of allegiance to America and made themselves valid targets in war.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down.

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