Bikini Interlude 61

Bikini Interlude – Out In Nature Edition

Just a humble reminder that nature in all its forms is beautiful… and made more so by women in bikinis. There’s more to our world than beaches.

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Bikini Interlude 51

Bikini Interlude – Our In Nature Edition

As is the norm, there’s no point in this Bikini Interlude other than sharing beauty and, in this case, reminding us all that bikinis are wonderful out in all forms of nature, not just beaches.

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Ecotards Are Like That

Ecotards Are Like That
Ecotards Are Like That

“Saving” a tortoise and throwing in it the water where it will drown – yeah, sadly, ecotards are like that all too often. In fact, a certain number of this misborn and very poorly raised idiots are an active and credible threat to the environment they purport to save.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s fewer and less extreme idiots among the “environmental activists” today, but in the many years I worked in the environmental field, I saw or heard of many, many acts of stupidity by ecotards that were at least as bad as throwing a tortoise into deep water in to set it free. Some were downright dangerous to whole population groups. 🙄

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Halloween Is For The Birds

Halloween Is For The Birds
Halloween Is For The Birds

Yeah, funny thing that. Crows and ravens are always the birds associated with Halloween, but’s it’s the Shrike, Loggerhead or otherwise, that’s sick, twisted seeming bird in the natural world.

So, have a happy Halloween… but watch out for them shrikes. 😉

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CO's Ecological Consequences

Colorado's Unforeseen Ecological Consequences
Colorado’s Unforeseen Ecological Consequences

Back in 2014, Colorado completely legalized the use, sale, and growing of marijuana, the latter both by individuals and by commercial/agricultural concerns. This was hailed as a landmark in “progress,” both by the ever-drug-loving Leftists and many Libertarian sorts. And, indeed, there seems to have been little, if any, human damage or negative consequences caused by Colorado’s drug experiment.

But What About The Ecological Consequences?

With marijuana now growing all around The Centennial State, it follows that mice, rats, voles, rabbits, and various varieties of squirrels will be eating the seeds and some of the vegetation. This would both end up concentrating the cannabinoids in those prey species’ tissues, and make them both more unaware and sluggish. Hence, those rodents and similar prey animals would be easier for various predators to catch and consume.

So yeah! Stoner owls – owls both primarily subsisting upon small, terrestrial prey and being a major predator thereof – look likely to be an unforeseen, probably negative, ecological consequence of Colorado’s legalization of the use and growing of marijuana.

So… Stoned owls. That’ll be “fun.” 😛

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