Hard Choices

Hard Choices
Hard Choices Are Hard

One might have to be a longtime fan of certain sorts of manga and anime, and/or the western fiction that is predicated upon them, to really get this one. Still, I think most of us can recognize the struggle. 😉 Those among our population who are into or “allied with” those into BDSM really understand it, though somewhat differently.

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Sword That Cuts The World

Sword That Cuts The World
The Sword That Cuts The World

It’s almost like a visual haiku, a perfect distillation of manga/anime, samurai philosophy, and Japanese humor all at the same time in just four frames.

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Kemonomusume No Joō

Nekos – Kemonomusume No Joō

Nekos, short for Nekomimi (Cat Ears) or the more proper Nekomusume (Cat Daughters) are by most metrics the queens of Beast Girls (Kemonomusume) in anime, manga, and weeb culture.

And really? Why not? They’re worthy of our homage. Nyan, Baby, Nyan! 😆

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Good Morning! Please stay calm, box breath, let your anxieties over COVID-19 and/or the economic damage certain sorts are causing with it as an excuse, and enjoy the Boing.

And yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, “Boing” is a specific manga / anime reference, an obvious one. But hey! Either through choice or fiat, we’re all at least a little bit Otaku now.

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