Tasty Tide Pod


That’s A Tasty Tide Pod
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And here’s a truly tasty Tide Pod for enjoyment, albeit in vein of the infectiously beautiful Ebola-Chan. In the manner of a PSA, however, let me state that the above is likely the only tasty Tide Pod. Other sorts weren’t meant for consumption. 🙄

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Cute Crazy Unicorn

Sometimes one needs a bit of a break from the starkness of reality, what’s a better fantasy than a unicorn – in this case, a very cute unicorn acting delightfully fun and crazy?

BTW – “Unicorn” in this context means a dark-haired girl with light eyes, not an attractive bisexual babe who you and your wife or girlfriend can have a threesome with.

So sit back and have some for watch Emily Rudd having some fun. 😀

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