OMFG! It’s Taxcutageddon!

Taxcutageddon!OMFG! It’s Taxcutageddon!

By the sounds and sheer volume of the ranting, raving, and bleating by Liberal, Progressives, and their chosen politicians, the Democrats, you’d think we were facing Armageddon or, in this cases, Taxcutageddon. Nancy Pelosi is just the most extreme and least sane of the lot; the majority of our domestic enemies are squealing the same idiocies about the GOP’s tax reform bill, the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”

Of course, for the Left, the vast majority of Americans who actually pay federal income tax getting approximately a 9% reduction in federal income taxes, along with a simplified tax code is “the end of the world” when combined with some wealthier people getting a greater reduction and companies, both “S” and “C” corporations getting significantly reduced federal income taxes. Then, when you’re all about “Income Inequality,” anything that betters the prospects of the Makers, even if it also benefits most others, is an existential threat.

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3 Responses to “OMFG! It’s Taxcutageddon!”

  1. Felipe Zapata Says:

    I urge you to cease referring to leftists as “liberals” and “progressive.” They are decidedly not. To quote Dennis Prager: “The usurpation of the word “Liberal” by the left has been a catastrophe.”

    We smart people should not enable them.

  2. jonolan Says:

    While from purely lexiconical and canonical viewpoints, I agree with you, I’m fairly close to forced to use “Liberal” and “Progressive” to label America’s domestic enemies for the sake of clarity to the broadest audience; hence, why I capitalize them. Those are the terms understood in America’s vulgate.

  3. Felipe Zapata Says:

    Poo! I say. If you use leftist instead, nobody will wonder of whom you are speaking. We must not continue to “enable” them. Think on it.

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