Income – It’s Unequal!

creepy-screamerThe current cause célèbre or, at least, shouted slogan of America’s domestic enemies is “income inequality.” Right now they’re appearing as if they are really incensed that the poor in America, who are now a permanent portion of the population, haven’t had their average incomes increase as much as the wealthier have.

That’s right; they’re complaining that the poor aren’t improving their lot as much as the wealthier are, not that the poor are poorer.

And so, of course, they’re yammering for the government to force those who’ve made more money to pay that money out to the poorer people through taxes and various and sundry laws and regulations designed to to give the poor a bigger slice of the mythical pie.

Do not bother to lie to others or yourself; these plans and proposals are all governmental confiscation of private property in order for redistribution. Yet what crimes have the successful committed to deserve having their property confiscated? Have they stolen this wealth from the poor? Have they committed some heinous act beyond being more successful than some of the other residents of the nations?

The simple answer is no, the wealthy have done nothing wrong nor have they stolen their wealth from the less successful fractions of the American population. They have simply adapted to- and succeeded in navigating the shifts in wealth generation in these modern, global times.

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2 Responses to “Income – It’s Unequal!”

  1. FX Phillips Says:

    This sums up my feelings rather nicely on the subject of the ridiculous premise of “income inequality”

    Again and again the left uses outcomes as a proxy for equality as if all choices are equally valid and all humans have the same talents and desires. Equality in the sense that perceive it does not exist when applied to human beings.

    Start any two human beings in the exact same place resource wise and I will almost guarantee that they end up in different positions and by definition unequal.

    How come the “reality based and nuanced community” can’t comprehend this basic fact of nature? Of course that pose was always a fallacious conceit as their cognitive limits have never understood the win-win consensual society where transactions occur that please all parties regardless of the judgement of sufficiency of those with the “vision of the anointed”(thanks Dr Sowell)

  2. FX Phillips Says:

    The link to the article that sums up my feelings on inequality

    Yeah I’m a self referential whore.

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