Irony Done Right

Irony Done Right
Yo, Hipters! This Is Irony Done Right

Yep. Despite what the Hipsters seem to believe, Irony as expressed in sartorial choices doesn’t have to be also based upon ugliness. 😉

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Her First Time

The Obama Campaigns most recent repugnancy is their disgusting ad which directly equates voting for Obama with a young woman loosing her virginity enjoyably and implies that doing so will allow Obama to “make them a woman.”

The response of American women wasn’t “No.” It was “Hell no!” They know what that sort of thing leads to and practice “obamabstinence.”

American Woman

Nor Her Next Time Or Any Other Time. No Means No!

No. The American woman isn’t one to fall for such smooth blandishments and certainly would never foul herself with such a disgusting and unnatural liaison. The American Woman also, thank the Gods, has the will and means at her disposal to properly and rightly with the eventuality of such blandishments turning coercive.

American Women – I’d ask for the Gods to bless them but how can They bless a blessing…

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