Anthony Weiner’s ED

I always thought that Anthony Weiner’s crass, crude, and disgusting behavior was a compensating mechanism for some embarrassing failure on his part. As it turns out, I was sort of correct. Weiner’s got a bad and uncorrectable case of ED.

Anthony Weiner's ED
No Little Blue Pill Is Going To Fix This

Yep! Anthony Weiner has an incurable case of Electile Disfunction. He’ the limp dick of New York politics, utterly unable to rise to the challenge of a political race. 😆

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Sunshine Sensibility

teen sextingIn an admittedly odd bout of sensibility Florida, not a state known for decriminalizing anything, has chosen to greatly reduce the penalties that minors  suffer from getting caught sexting each other – and it was Governor Rick Scott pushed for the change, which surprises me – pleasantly so – even more.

Now, instead of teens immediately facing felony charges for distributing child pornography and a lifetime on the sexual offenders registry, their first offense is non-criminal and results in merely a $60 fine and eight hours of community service. Even the second offense is only a first-degree misdemeanor. Third and subsequent offenses, however, still carry the same felony charges and penalties as before.

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Weiner Explained

More than a few people are confused as to why Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY 9) would risk throwing away his career by “sexting” with a bunch of young women and girls. This understandable confusion can, however, be quite easily laid to rest…

Weiner's Actions Explained: Weiner Is Beavis!
Heh, Henh, Henh, Henh. He Texted His Weiner

Weiner’s pathetic and buttheaded behavior was and is nothing more than a simple case of form following dysfunction. 😛

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