Michelle On Trump

Michelle on TrumpMichelle On Trump

The image above aptly sums up both Moochelle Obama’s real stance on “misogynist speach” and on Whites vs. Blacks. She deplores Donald Trump’s words and alleged actions while regularly entertaining various rap and hip-hop personalities at the White House; personalities well-known for vilely sexist and pro-rape lyrics; personalities well-known for fostering a culture that abjectly degrades and dehumanizes Black women.

But hey! Those are Blacks and Mr. Trump is White, so other, higher, harsher standards need to be applied to him because expecting a Black male to behave as a White man is expected to behave is racist.

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Dance, Boy!

Nigger Needs To Dance
Dance, Boy!

Truly, telling Kanye West to dance is the only proper answer to the boy’s vileness and stupidity. The filthy buck should either be taught to dance the Sam Peckinpah or, my personal preference for its sort, the Danny Deever from a tree limb.

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Beethoven’s 5th (NSFW)

It’s called Classical Music for a reason. That reason being that it has withstood the tests of time and the vagaries of cultural shifts, and nowhere is that more true than in case of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

Beethoven’s 5th has even adapted well to modern performances, possibly because Beethoven understood the lasting power of the base line.

She Had My Attention From The First Movement 😉

Of course, if one only cares about a driving base beat and doesn’t understand or favor subtlety or complexity, there’s always Rap and/or Hip-Hop. It’s replaced the sublime with the feral, which appeals to many people who are more in touch with their animal passions.

Not To My Normal Tastes But I Could Get Behind That

Still, there are times and places to set aside the pleasures of the mind and revel in the flesh. Rap and Hip-Hop have the advantage of simplicity and a primal connection, not being too dependent upon skill or any form of delicacy, that is lacking in Classical Music and there are times when I could happily get behind that. 😛

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Rap Role Reversal

The entire hip-hop genre, but especially rap “music,” is fundamentally and endemically misogynist. It has a plethora of other inescapable antisocial components but misogyny is the one thing that is completely pervasive throughout this sad mockery of music.

Just imagine what would happen if a female rapper turned the tables on the ghetto bucks…

Bounce That Dick

Jenna Marbles does a pretty good and hilarious job with her rap role reversal, Bounce That Dick. I’d laugh my ass off even though if some female rapper really did something like that.

It’d be fun to watch and hear some women talking trash to these thugs. They normally only get to hear that shit in prison when they’re getting pimped out for commissary. 😆

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A Logical Conclusion

On February 8, 2009 R & B star Chris Brown is “alleged” to have beaten and threatened to kill his girlfriend and fellow R & B artist Rihanna. The media frenzy surrounding the incident continues to this day (March 14, 2009).

The latest furor – small and localized as of yet, but it will most likely grow – is over the findings of a survey conducted by the Boston Public Health Commission in the immediate wake of the Brown v. Rihanna altercation. It seems that almost half of Boston area teens think Rihanna is to blame for the assault. Some people are dismayed by the responses of the 200 Boston youths (ages 12 to 19) surveyed last month by Boston Public Health Commission.

Among the findings:

  • 71% said arguing was a normal part of a relationship
  • 44% said fighting was a normal part of a relationship
  • 51% said Chris Brown was responsible for the incident
  • 46% said Rihanna was responsible for the incident
  • 52% said both individuals were to blame for the incident
  • 35% said the media were treating Rihanna unfairly
  • 52% said the media were treating Chris Brown unfairly

Since 51% + 46% + 52% = 149% (!) the findings listed were either the result of separate questions or a deliberate overlap / massaging of the results by the BPHC.

Additionally, a significant number respondents in the survey said Rihanna was destroying Chris Brown’s career, and it was shown that females were no less likely than males to come to Rihanna’s defense in this matter.

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