No Crime Here

New York Democrat delegate Julia Rodriguez told a reporter on camera that if she encountered GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, she “would like to kill him.” The secret service is “looking into it” and promises to take “appropriate follow-up measures.”

Just don’t expect those follow-up measures to amount to anything.

S’OK, She’s Boricua And A Dem So This Isn’t A Crime

Johnny Logan Spencer Jr
., who happens to be White, posted a “poem” back in 2007 describing the assassination of an unnamed – though it had to be Obama – leader and was charged with making threats against the President and threatening to kill or injure a major candidate for the office of the President, convicted, and was sentenced to nearly three years in federal prison.

Don’t expect anything even remotely similar to happen to Rodriguez. Different and much lower thresholds and expectations of acceptable behavior apply when it’s Brown on White and the concern is much less when it’s a Republican being threatened by a Democrat – even when one threat is merely a poem and the other is a direct threat of assassination.

Don’t expect the lamestream media to make much of this either as it would interfere with the message they been given for publication. A duly appointed delegate to the Democratic National Convention actually threatening the Republican Nominee’s life isn’t and can’t be allowed to be newsworthy enough to more than mention and move quickly and silently away from.

And, if you’re considering waiting for some denouncement of Rodriguez by the Democrats, Liberals, or Progressives, I’d strongly suggest thinking in terms of geologic time because it ain’t happening soon. On the other hand, here’s a simple picture that will set them off like an IED:

Obama seen through a sniper's scope.
Obama Looks Good From Here

That’s a reasonably well done bit of photoshopping. The lighting / contrast in the reticle is off and the cross-hairs are skewed and not the right type for that model of scope but, overall, it’s a fairly decent job of image manipulation. The composition is certainly entertaining and for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that the only sniper that could be in the position shown would be one of the Secret Service personnel assigned as overwatch for the event.

NOTE: For you Liberals who are terrified by such an image and see it as threat to your messiah, my local US Secret Service Field Office can be contacted at (718) 840-1000. Feel free to report me. ;)

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Big Brother Is Watching

In August of 2007 Johnny Logan Spencer Jr. posted a poem – well, it was semi-lyrical prose – entitled The Sniper on the neo-Nazi website, New Saxon. Last week federal law enforcement arrested the 27 year-old Kentuckian over the subject matter of that poem.

Johnny Logan Spencer Jr. aka pain1488

After 28 months of the poem being posted on the internet and  18 months of the Secret Service being aware of it Mr. Spencer has been charged, after an investigation that lasted under a week, with federal crimes pertaining to threatening President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Below is the poem, if one can truly call it that given its broken meter and piss-poor rhyme, in its entirety:


As the tyrant enters his cross hairs the breath he takes is deep
His focus is square on the target as he begins to release
A patriot for his people he knows this shot will cost his life
But for his race and their existence it is a small sacrifice

The bullet that he has chambered is one of the purest pride
And the inscription on the casing reads DIE negro DIE
He breathes out as he pulls the trigger releasing all his hate
And a smile appears upon his face as he seals that monkeys fate

The bullet screams toward its mark bringing with it death
And where there was once a face there is nothing left
Two blood covered agents stare in horror and dismay
Looking down toward the ground where their president now lay

Now the screams of one old negro broad pierces thru the air
Setting off panic from every eyewitness that was there
And among all the confusion the hero calmly slips away
Laughing for he knows there will be another negro holiday

—  Johnny Spencer

Much like the previous poll on Facebook about assassinating Obama I am maintaining and publishing this for the sake of posterity and the integrity of our 1st Amendment.

For anyone who is terrified of anyone who would post such material and who wishes to do something about it, my local US Secret Service Field Office can be contacted at (718) 840-1000.

Please feel free to report me. 😉

So what we have here is a very poorly crafted attempt a poetry that paints a racist’s fantasy about assassinating a Black POTUS – presumably, given the nature of New Saxon and the use of “tyrant” as a descriptor, one of authoritarian bent who is forcing the “Black Agenda” upon America by fiat.

What we do not have is a direct reference to the Obamas – though we have to assume they’re who he was writing about, a direct threat to their lives, or a direct call for violence against them. Some combination of these things have, until Obama’s regime, been required before such speech was criminalized and federal law enforcement sent out to arrest and imprison the people involved.

Even with some combination of direct reference and overt or explicit threat or call to violent and/or criminal action, in the past plenty of people were allowed to speak as they wished to without fear of reprisal from the White House or its federal law enforcement agents.

No, these people were not arrested by either local, state, or federal officers for threatening President Bush.  But that was then and this is now, and apparently vastly different rules apply under President Obama.

Some will stridently claim that there is an inherent difference between the images displayed by the Liberal and Black protesters against President Bush and the poem by Spencer about presumably assassinating President Obama in front of his wife – and they’re right; there is a vast sea of difference between protesters gathering in large groups and calling for the murder of a POTUS – or anyone else for that matter – and the rancid masturbatory fantasies of a White Supremacist about assassinating a President who hadn’t even won his party’s nomination as of yet.

It is sadly ironic – and not in a remotely humorous way – that President Obama and his federal agents, upon identifying Spencer, acted in manner consistent with a Tyrant, which is exactly how Spencer described him in The Sniper.

One wonders if this is based upon an actual fear of Mr. Spencer, who had done nothing to realize his fantasy and was not found to have any weaponry or even links to weaponry, or if it is just more race-baiting for the sake of political expediency during the lead up to Obama’ healthcare summit and the November Congressional midterm elections.

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